Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yes, it is me.

I have not emigrated, abandoned my blog, or anything else. It is simply a severe case of husband-at-home.

Firstly, and he thanks you kindly for good wishes &etc, he is doing just fine, no aches and pains after the first couple of days, except for the pain of me following him around bleating "Don't lift that! Don't stretch! Do you feel all right?" and sundry other wifely expressions of concern. He did get a bit tired after visiting my sister on Friday, and likewise after Guild on Saturday, but that actually had more to do with spending the entire day teaching two new members to spindle spin.

OK, so first up in reports of my doings - Freyalynn and I Facilitated a natural dye workshop for the Guild - I use the word I think advisedly as little real teaching went on, but maybe more did than I realised as both she and I were knackerated by the end of it. Pictures - some of which are by her......

Madder and weld pots by F.

madder & weld

Brazilwood pot by F.


Indigo, I think by me this time.


Some results - F again.


And as can easily be seen, I took this one.

blue hands

We got great results this time, good colour. I used instant indigo - I have to say, I rarely use anything else these days, and I love it.

So, I have been playing with my new camera. I actually tried a video clip of indigo dyeing, it didn't come out very well, but the big shock was finding that I had recorded sound as well - there was this booming voice pontificating about the finer points of dyeing with indigo, and I realised with horror that it was me! When I have it sussed out, and when I have subbed to a suitable site, I'll link something here - Youtube info, anyone?

anyway, a few shots from around the homestead.



Cool fungus, eh, what?


And my favourite.

curly tree

Fibery pursuits - I have finished the greenish socks!! Finally!! And immediately cast on an Opal pair. (Speaking of which, I have been trawling eBay for Opal and finding way too much....) Also, I have finished the body of the Noro shawl and am nearly done picking up for the frill. Should soon be done. And I have been continuing to spin the jacob. It has been hard to get anything done with the DSM around, he wants to use the computer, for one thing. H'mm. Has a different timetable for meals, well anything really. I can see that retirement is going to take some negotiating. Still, good to have him more or less recovered - hope so, we are off down south day after tomorrow for another celebratory knees-up, a Silver Wedding bash, so he needs to be in fine fettle for that.

Hey, good to be back.

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Leigh said...

Mmmm. What yummy colors. And great nature photos as well.