Friday, January 30, 2009

A quick post before bedtime

I'm just back from a pleasant evening at Coven, from whence I returned with half a fleece. Oops. Actually, not oops, it has a shortish staple and I am intending using it for teaching purposes.....

I have just found white powder all over the computer keyboard - what has the DSM been up to whilst I have been out!

Anyway, not too much to say, but I didn't want to set off for Cornwall tomorrow without posting and thus leaving an even longer gap.

I have no photos of anything again - I got the camera checked out and it seems to be fine, but won't work with the software on the pc. It does with the laptop, thank goodness, so if I can't work out how to fix the problem then I can use that. but I might finally buy Photoshop Elements, as I have been threatening to do for ages, and see if entirely new software does the trick.

Not that I have done all that much to photograph. I have dyed the purple yarn for the shawl edging, so I can take that as a holiday project. And I have swatched and cast on for a silk Spiraluscious. For that, I am attempting to do a Magic Loop, but, basically, failing. I can't work out what I am doing wrong, although it may be the position of my right hand impeding the free movement of the stitches. Another holiday project!

I am also taking the current socks, some beading, my Majacraft Little Gem and a couple of spindles. Plus a stack of books. Well, they are forecasting snow, so we may not be out all that much. Now, if only I had mobile broadband! H'mm........

I need to get to bed, really, but my head keeps trying to plan what I need to pack. thick socks and warm boots, I should think. I wish I could find the lovely thick mittens that I knitted myself for the Norway trip. And I need to lay hands on a hat, as well. I should have been rounding all this stuff up during the week, but I seem to have been gadding a bit.

Ah, well, it will be lovely whatever. And I actually rather fancy some photographs of sea and snow, so I hope the forecast is right.

See you later!


Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Carol,
Hope you both have a lovely time and get all your projects finished.
Look forward to some snow scenes !

Barbara Blundell said...
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Fluzz said...

Have a great holiday! Maybs the DSM has been cooking with icing sugar :p