Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Finally, a post! It has taken a day or two, partly because I was knackered after the journey home, partly plenty of other things to do, and partly getting around to uploading photos from the laptop to Flickr.

We had a very nice, and interesting week. Didn't do anything very much, except lots of visits to DMIL, who was on good form. Mostly because it is to my way of thinking out of character, I find her telling strangers confidingly that she's 93, you know, very endearing. But she is great "for her age" (which has to be a pretty patronising way of complimenting someone!)

Major trip was to GJ Beads, justified by the need for a few findings, and I didn't spend all that much, honest. I am hoping that I am about to get my beading mojo back. I did a little stringing just before going away, and now want to be getting on with the real stuff.

We made the usual pilgrimage to Hemmick. I'll not put up the regular "view" shots, but these instead:


Rock pool

Little pool

The tide was further out than I have ever seen it before, and we spent quite a while fossicking about amongst the rocks. The shot into the rock pool I particularly like, the colours and shapes as well as the content. I don't think that this one shows any sea anemones, though.

We were staying at Charlestown (nothing if not creatures of habit, us) and woke up on Tuesday morning to this:

Snowy cottages

(The yellow porch is the one we stay in.)

Took a few arty shots:

More lobster pots

Mooring ropes

I'll maybe work through a few more later.

The week stayed very cold, and as most of the blogosphere has been reporting, there was a lot more snow. Not where we were, but a bit up country. In fact there was some doubt for a while if we were going to get out when we should have. But sterling work was done on clearing the major roads that had been closed, and although some traffic lanes were still closed, there were minimal people about, so even though we set off much later than we would usually have done, we got home in one day and at not too unreasonable an hour.

I did knit a lot whilst we were away, but I didn't quite finish the "Truly Tasha". It is now done though, and I will try to get it photographed and blogged. Did a bit of sock - a few inches; and was seemingly making good progress on the "Spiraluscious" when I suddenly realised that - thanks to the blasted magic loop - I had inadvertently twisted the stitches at the first round, and simply not noticed. to say I was annoyed would be quite an understatement. Particularly as I have cast it on at least three times since then and made some sort of error or other each time......I am seriously considering using dpns at least to start it off. ML is doing me 'ead in, guv.

I'm going to leave it at that for now. I've got quite a few things I need to be getting on with, like an AH day, and then some other workshops upcoming. One or two other projects suddenly in the pipeline, like the possibility of a local textile group starting, and - even better? - talking to someone about a website. Which means that I have just cause for sitting at the pc staring at websites for once!

A question of "watch this space." More anon.


Fluzz said...

I 'taught' magic loop at the meet on Sunday. My trick is to knit the cuff flat first and then I can see if I twisted to join.

beadlizard said...

ML drive me totally nuts. I'm a dpn girl.

What is "real stuff" in reference to beading?

Love the art shots. --syl