Thursday, February 19, 2009

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Firstly, that I am calm. I am not throwing myself to the floor, banging the boards with my tiny, clenched fists, chewing the carpet (ew - have you seen my carpet!?!)

Neither am I slumped in the corner, a glazed expression in my eyes, motionless and hopeless. (Although a little corner of my psyche is wounded, and screaming silently "Why me? Why am I such a....)

So, ok, what have I done this time?

It is Spiraluscious, of course. Cursed, that project is. Cursed, I tell you. (I should make it crystal that any cursings, deficiencies and bloodynesses all relate entirely to me, the perpetrator, and not to the design, which is lovely in the extreme, and to any other knitter would present a straightforward, interesting knit that would be accomplished in a few hours. Not weeks of torture-filled anguish. That's just me. OK?)

Where was I? In essence, sitting on the sofa (sigh) last night, getting a bit tired, having to peruse the pattern about three times for each edging row by this stage, but getting on with it satisfactorily enough.


I don't quite know how I realised, but I did. I had managed to knit the edging on arse-backwards. You know, so the ssk join showed on the right side as an ugly ridge, and the stitch pattern was bright side to the inside.

I ignored this phantasy for a few more rows. then I put the knitting down quietly, and sat out the rest of the tv programme we were watching, without saying a word. Internally, I was wrestling with the notion that I could just ignore this, and no-one would ever - EVAH! - know.

But - I would. So, guess what I am going to be doing today?

Sob (quietly).


Fluzz said...

oh dear. *hugs*

April said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry. I completly understand. I had the same issue with the Jaywalker socks. The pattern was wonderuflly written, it was a great pattern, fun to knit. I however have not knit a pair that will fit my feet. I started a pair, no less than 6 times in October of 2007. I completed said pair in Jan of 2008 only to realize a little while later that I had the size wrong and the darling socks kept slinking down into my shoes. After much teeth gnashing I ripped them out and the balls of yarn sit awaiting my next attempt. I just don't understand why some patterns work so beautifully and so quickly and others completely flummox me. I suppose I'll learn with more experience. I hope so. I'm approaching completion with the Nutkin socks and am hoping I've learned enough to start the Jaywalkers again. Spiralusious is certainly a beaut, and I can why you are drawn to complete it. Maybe I'll have to give it a try, but maybe after I've broken the Jaywalker Jinks, ya think? lol
Hang in there!

Barbara Blundell said...

Bet you've sorted it out by now Carol !