Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, phhhht........

I'll get to that. First, a couple more Cornwall photographs. Both pretty self-explanatory.



OK, so to fibre stuff. Ever have one of those projects that just WILL NOT, WILL NOT, WILL NOT no matter what you do, go right? Well, Spirabloodyluscious is like that for me. It has a curse upon it, methinks.


Here it is just before lunch. After lunch, I pick it up to work on. First realisation, dammit, is that late last night as I got to the end of a round, I had found that I had not got the right number of stitches left to do the final repeat. So, now I start unknitting the round. And somewhere going around, I realise.

The effing thing is twisted on the circ. Again. After I had taken so much care - I thought - to get it straight.

(Insert silence punctuated by large, loud, gusty sighs at this point. And curses.)

I will not be beaten by this thing. Alternatively, I am a glutton for punishment. It is now cast on to dpns. I will have one more shot.



I shall cheer myself up with a picture of a brightly coloured sock in one of my favourite sock yarns.

And then with - ta da - a purple shawl. Completo. Warm and snuggly.

Truly Tasha

Now, I desperately want some more cormo roving, and can't find any. Not that I am short of other stuff to spin, you understand.

I need tea. I woke up at 5.15 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep again. And I don't want any clever comments from certain early risers out there. I am not one of you. But I have to be moderately alert this evening as we are talking to (shh....) the website designer (Imagine that in tiny letters, which I don't know how to do on Blogger.)


Dianna Rubidge said...

I love your Tasha. It is a wonderful colour.

How nice to read of your travels and trials. I too have twisted things that ought not to have been twisted and now always knit the first two rows before joining things.

Margaret said...

Loved the shawl and the half eaten (sorry half knitted) sock!

Which website would that be?