Saturday, February 28, 2009

One foot in front of the other

If I can be allowed to whinge for a moment, that's what it feels like at the moment. Both of us are still suffering from the effects of the cold, even after all this time, and it is a royal pain in the bum. Hence the slim pickings blogwise, I suppose.

Anyway, here I am, Saturday afternoon, and the Rugby season is in full swing. Which is not a bad thing, I just find it difficult to enjoy on our little tv screen, so unless and until we indulge in something huge and room-dominating, I find Other Things To Do.

First up. I have just taken part in my first Ravelry exchange, and can only hope that my partner is as delighted as I am with it. Lovely fibre and spinning.


But then, these.


How cute - and thoughtful - can you get, eh? Great little coasters, with photographs of the mogs. I shall hardly bear to use them, as they need to be preserved! Thank you so much.

Then, I have managed to find sufficient get up and go to finish of these yarns.


Left to right, Freyalyn's "Imperial' colourway; some luscious camel and silk from Adelaide Walker; and a skein of the white faced woodland, which continues to spin up like a dream. I still haven't got the spindle wheel out, but will do so, really.

And, a finished object.

Seaweed scarf

Knitted from handspun silk, this has been on the go by the pc for ages. A total pain to knit, all that casting on and off, but pretty. I got it done this week by dint of discovering "Being Human" (Way cool series, well made and with a thing or two to say, not just vampiredram.)

What else? Some more Forrester spindles arrived. Very, very nice, but I'm rather putting off working out the price. Ah, well.

Oh, and speaking of mogs, which I was a few paras back. We finally got our act together to take Max to the vet. Much fear and trembling as we were both convinced that his cancer had come back. But - seemingly not! No lumps to be felt, and a thyroid imbalance showing up in his bloods. Nice and easily treatable. That was quite a considerable relief.

I need to go get sorted for tomorrow's trip to York to visit the York Ravellers. I'll try to take photos.......

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