Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The upsides and the downsides, or rather, vice versa

As seen, yet again, from the sofa, with knitting.

The DSM brought home a cold. His first of the winter. My fourth. I am not pleased. If we had the energy to spare, we might have strangled one another.

I tell you what, this has disabused me of a long-cherished belief. Which was that cold winters are healthy, the frosts kill off all the germs and bugs. Yeah, right. The coldest, snowiest winter for many a long year, and look at me. (Well, don't actually. Not a pretty sight.)

Oh, but there is much more up than down.

Last Friday, my regular AH class, for instance. Full, again. Lots of lovely, enthusiastic spinners of vintages various. And the next one fully booked already.

But even better than that. I wasn't able to go, due to way too much snuffling, sneezing, etc etc. But last night was the meeting in town to see how much interest there might be in setting up a fibre/textile/spinning etc group locally. The DSM returned at 9pm, from a 7.30 start, so I guessed it hadn't been a complete bust. But something like nineteen people turned up! Some of them returning to spinning or whatever, some of them only just starting out. From talking to a few people about it, I had thought it was going to happen, but this is much better than I had anticipated. There are weavers, or wannabes, as well, which will be great for getting us off our backsides (so nearly there!) And where to meet has been sorted effortlessly, at least for now, as the pub where the meet was last night are happy for us to be there for the buying of a few drinks - and they do serve coffee!

One of these days when I don't have a head stuffed full of cotton wool, I will write the great philosophising blog post about just why this resurgence is happening (IMNSHO), along with everyone else who has already done so. And how it will save the world. I do wish, but fear not......

Meanwhile, I am going to return to Spirabloodyluscious, which has painfully crawled to the final section, wherein I have to wrestle with a provisional cast on, and some more holey knitting where I will not so easily be able to apply the fudge technique (tm). And then, I shall cast on that small mountain of Noro for the ribbed jacket in the current Yarn Forward. Nice, straightforward.

I like Yarn Forward. Several things in this edition that I intend to make. And I now know why I like the magazine, but I'll expound on that at a later date, too.

ETA: Margaret (?) asks "which website?" Ours! Long anticipated, finally going to happen, a "Spindlers2" site with spindles for sale, information about classes, all the usual stuff. It will take a few weeks to build and tweek, I imagine, but as soon as she is born, I will Let Everyone Know. (Well, otherwise, there ain't much point, no?)

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Fluzz said...

Last night seemed a great success. Everyone was enthusiastic and chatty, no-one was left out.

I hope the cold leaves you both soon. I've had one this winter and that's enough for me, TYVM