Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Twelfth Night

But we more or less reverted to normal yesterday. The decorations were all packed away (those that survived.....) on Sunday, and the DSM was back to work.

But - it snowed! It has been absolutely fabulous, a very light covering of snow but iron-hard frosts, lasting through the day here on the edge of the Pennines. Today was perfect, clear blue skies and icy, icy cold. Proper winter for the first time in many a year.

Mind you, the other delightful thing is that we can already see the difference in the time that it gets dark. Each year, when the Solstice comes, we can think that it will not be long, and every year, unsurprisingly, as our little world goes back to normal, we see it. And it lifts the heart.

I celebrated Twelfth Night by joining the Tuesday morning Book Group for one last throw of the festive dice, a splendid lunch out in town. I had a griddled goat's cheese roulade with rocket and a green tapenade; followed by a lovely dish of buttery tagliatelle on which sat a perfectly cooked chunk of smoked haddock, the whole garnished with capers. The three flavours complimented each other a treat.

Whilst on the subject of food, I have done the first week of "use a different cookery book...." I selected the Good Housekeeping Complete Book of Vegetarian Cookery, published in 1992, and had a good browse. The recipe I chose was one for lightly curried tofuburgers. And before anyone groans, they were great. I think the DSM was slightly dubious when he heard my proposal, but he has agreed that they must be done again. They are pretty good nutritionally - a block of tofu, a small quantity of nuts, carrot, onion and another small quantity of wholewheat breadcrumbs. Various seasonings. I baked them in the oven rather than frying them, too. Definitely yum.

And I have been following woolly pursuits. With greater or lesser success..... The purple cormo wrap was ripped and started a new incarnation as a shawl. But looking at it this evening, I don't like what I see, and will rip again.

More successfully, I have begun the spinning for crochet experiments. I started with a wild card - I had spun some merino and tencel in a very pretty colourway, and I realised looking at it that if I plied it, it would not go very far. So even though Z-spun, I am crocheting with it as a singles, a functional (I hope) bag.

merino-tencel crochet

But I am also now spinning some bog standard Falkland top specifically for crochet, in other words S-spun. I didn't bother with a photo of that - a rather boring looking bobbin on my Timbertops would be all there was to see! I shall spin a couple of bobbinsful at least, and then risk dyeing it if feeling very brave.

I was shown an absolutely beautiful faux-aran crocheted sweater the other day, gorgeously spun and worked, but it weighed a ton. One of the problems to try to resolve. I have seen a very nice pattern for a vest, good use of stitches and a neat style - that will be something to look further at as well.

Actually, I have more possible projects for this sort of thing, and all sorts of others, than I could shake a stick at. I desperately need to prioritise, I think.....

Now, a new year, so some new pictures of cats. Yes, I know - but I must be allowed to indulge myself sometimes.

The three boys cramming themselves on to a kitchen chair, looking goofy and demon-eyed.

the three boys

And Miss Ruby on the floor nearby, doing her best to ignore them.


That's all, folks. For now.....

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ambermoggie said...

look forward to seeing your new projects. The cats look gorgeous:)