Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The first day of the rest of our lives?

All things must pass. Thatcher did, and so now has Bush. With the former, things did not actually get better, but I think there is maybe a glimmer of hope that with Obama they will. Time will tell.

Stuff going on around here, but not much of it good blog-fodder. I spin, I knit, I teach. The purple now Truly Tasha shawl - I stopped growing it after two balls, and started the edging, but I don't think there is going to be enough. So I frogged the bit I had done, will make the shawl larger with that, and spin and dye some yarn of a different fibre to do the edging. The only decision left to make is whether to go for straight purple, or to paint the skein with a couple of colours in case the match isn't perfect. (Because I didn't make any record of how much dye I used to how much fibre, yes ok, I know - bad.)

I have some pretty sea green yarn.

ruby with yarn

I hope the yarn hows up ok. My Samsung seems to be misbehaving, and this was the best picture. That Ruby is in it too is coincidental. Really. Quite nice yarn, anyway, which might go with the much paler green from the abbybatt. All this maybe doable lace shawl patterns that I have are crying out to be attempted.

I went over to the Piece Hall yesterday for a meeting about the Temporary Art Space gallery. I was the oldest one there by many and many a year. Oops. And now I see that I have been elevated to "staff"! Not yet sure what that means, but it could be fun. I will put up links &etc when I have a little more time.

And soon I will try to produce a more satisfactory blog post with some substance to it, and lots of photos, assuming the camera is ok. Well, even not, I could use the Finepix if necessary.

Now to spin to the second half of "Brothers and Sisters".

Edited to add:

The photo does not in fact show the yarn all that well. I found another.

sea green yarn

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Josie said...

I can't decide which is prettier, the cat or the yarn :)

For the shawl, have you considered doing a contrasting colour for the edging?