Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alternatively - I'm alive!

Despite the best efforts of a nasty little cold bug that has been attemptiong to do my head in, literally (maybe?) I actually thought it might be on it's way at the time of my last post, but wasn't sure until later on that evening. But, hey, it has nearly gone now, so I don't need to whine about it.

There is an upside to being forced to sit on the sofa watching stored up CSI episodes. Unless really badly affected, which I wasn't, you can knit. Or rip. Guess what, the purple cormo did indeed get ripped again, drat and drabbit. I am going to try the Truly Tasha shawl next, stop being over inventive, and get the damn thing done. I came across the unwashed yarn and sample today, and it was indeed a different beast from what I have now. Presumably I was too hearty in my dyeing efforts, even though I thought I was being careful. Next time......

But I started, ripped back a bit (because even if a pattern literally says easy-peasy, that is not a given if you put me in conjunction with holes)and finished this:

camel & silk spiral cowl

This is the Spiral Cowl by Keri McKiernan available as a Ravelry download. Very, very nice. I used the camel and silk, two colourways, that I got from Freyalynn. Which was lovely to knit, and has made a beautiful warm, comfortable cowl.

Next up - Spiraluscious, probably in silk, I'm sampling at the moment and need to find the details.

And - I must be feeling better, I've done the next week's different recipe for supper tonight! How's that for keen? this one comes from an American writer on vegetarian cookery, Jeanne Lemlin. I have several of her books and like them very much, but haven't used this one - Classic V C - as being as it says on the tin, I already make things rather similar to a lot of the recipes. This one is something of a change, though, being a polenta dish, layered with a vegetable mixture and fontina (although I had to use gruyere) cheese. There should also be cream involved, but even I, rebel that I am, felt that all the cheese plus cream was a bit much, so I left it out. It looked and smelled scrummy, so I am looking forward to that, and a nice healthy glass of tempranillo, which is becoming one of my favourite wines.

I could blather on, but it will soon be Archers time....(sad, sad, sad!)


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ra said...

can't miss the Archers. I like the cowl, must get some of Freyalyns stuff for myself (I bought some for my sister for christmas)