Sunday, January 18, 2009

An apple for the teacher

I've still been a bit semi-detached, I'm afraid. But hey, I'm clawing my way back up the rigging. (Sorry, we are part way through watching the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean 111. Overlong, and definitely not the best of the franchise, but what the heck, it's Johnny Depp.)

Anyway - Friday and Saturday have both helped in the restoration project. Friday was a most excellent day at AH, that I think - hope - everyone enjoyed. Got some useful work done and had a good time with it, can't be bad.

Here are two of the regular participants showing off the fabulous garments they have created from some of the Polworth rovings.



It is always so nice to see what people create.

But also - the first sighting, just about, of snowdrops, which are always good at AH. shall we say, a few green shoots of recovery....

first snowdrops

Before I leave the Friday class, I should explain the subject line for this blog post. As I was leaving, I had a carrier thrust at me, with something heavy in it. To be honest, I was a bit distracted, and thought because of an earlier conversation I had heard that it was a large jar of marmalade, which would have been extremely welcome. Although I was a bit puzzled by the comment made by the donor that she had seen the enclosed and thought of me.

When I opened the bag at home, to my utter astonishment, I found a....bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin, my absolute favourite. Now, that is without a doubt better than marmalade, and much better than any old apple! I consider myself a very fortunate teacher indeed. I am just ever so slightly concerned that the sight of a bottle of gin should make the donor think of me, but I choose to brush that concern aside ........

Thank you, B - you know who you are, and I hope you know how touched I am by your well-chosen gift!

So, to Saturday and the Guild AGM. Well, that went as AGMs go, mostly ok, some irritations. We now have an incoming new regime - a bit like the US of A, really :) - and again like, we can have a faint hope of things improving! But the Faith lunch was as ever, most enjoyable, and the afternoon most pleasant, sitting and knitting and chatting to people to more or less purpose. The last couple of Guild meetings have been like that, with a pleasant mix of old and new members acquainting and reacquainting, and useful work being done. I'm looking forward to the next guild year, with some good workshops planned. Although the first one the DSM and I am doing, which is nerve-wracking rather than relaxing! Plus I need to make haste to order the materials we need.

And as for what fibre work I have been doing, well, not so much, but enough. The Truly Tasha pattern suits the purple yarn far better than the previous efforts, and I am making good progress. I have cast on a sock in Colinette Jitterbug, using the picot top, which has come out curate's eggish - I haven't quite lined the hem up right so there is a very little distortion, but so little I am going to leave it until I am quite sure that I have made the cuff wide enough. If I have, it stays wonky!

Done some spinning, too, but more about that maybe later, when I have photos. For now, I think I am actually off to play with a bead or three.

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