Monday, December 01, 2008

If someone could just reach up and catch the trailing end of my shawl, please? Hold on tight, and drag me back down to earth?

Phew, that's better - I think....

Last night, the DSM and I did something that for us was very brave and very unusual. (We are such sweet, old-fashioned things.) We went to the MEN Arena, holding in our hot (courtesy of lovely hand knit gloves) little hands tickets that we very much hoped were legit, as I had bought them off eBay. (At great expense.)*

I was, of course, worrying completely unnecessarily on every score, as I always do. Apart from being considerably overawed by the sheer scale of the place, everything went swimmingly.

I suppose that my other, slightly secret anxiety had been that it wouldn't live up to my hopes. Despite the rave reviews. But it did. Oh, boy, did it.

Three hours of magic. (Well, not quite on the video clip, the sound isn't all that good.)

Like this.

And it may be that not all of you actually like Leonard Cohen as much as we do.....

But we loved every minute of it. Great musicians, great staging and the master himself. I'm so glad we finally got to see him.

Plus, if that's what seventy five looks and sounds like......

(Oh, sorry, no pics. I did try, but it was too dark for the camera on my phone.)

*The expense was more than worth it.


Fluzz said...

You daredevils you!

See you tomorrow in the pub :D

Helen (Rainghirl) said...

Wow Leonard Cohen, I would like to have gone to that, but I forgot and it sold out. Glad to hear it was good. Oh this is Helen btw, I just can't remember by Blogger sign in.