Friday, December 12, 2008

Where did that week go, then?

In doing a fair bit, really, and some of it fibrey!

Saturday - to Manchester, for theatre and some Christmas shopping. The play was "A Taste of Honey" which I hadn't seen since the film version in the sixties. Very well done, and the content hadn't dated at all, still totally relevant if you tweak a few things.

Sunday, amongst other things, I dyed. by which I mean I threw the cormo into a vat of one of the liberated carpet factory dyes, simply as is, and it came out exactly the colour I wanted. Not quite as in the photo, I suspect, slightly less bluish.

purple cormo

Then, I've had a blitz on domestic chores. No need to bore anyone with minutiae, but with a few social things and Christmas upcoming, I wanted the ship to be a bit more shape.

Wednesday, a wonderful day with parts of the Coven and the extended Coven. Luscious food, none of which I had to cook, some knitting, and plenty of hilarious conversation, often about farting. This may seem a very little-boyish sort of topic, but there were reasons, and the humour was both funny and cathartic.

I finished the first "Fetching". Which was a disaster. Well, not really, but it was too small. I had done a gauge swatch, and I had known that my gauge was off a little, but I had thought only a tad. Not so. Here we have the revised version on the needles.

fetching in progress

Yesterday and today, I am carless, as the Jimny is having cosmetic surgery. The door needed fixing where the petty crim jabbed a screwdriver in to open the lock, and then there was the little contretemps that I had with a stone wall a few weeks ago.....ahem. (Basically, I forgot the this particular wall was slightly wider at the bottom than the railings that I could see and that I lined my wing mirror up with to gauge width when negotiating with a waggon at the end of the road.)

I've been spinning quite a bit, and doing some knitting, too. I have all sorts of things that I want to cast on, and am trying to restrain myself, but as the DSM has his office Xmas Bash this evening, leaving me (sob) all alone with no cooking to do bar something simple with pasta, and the bottle of single malt
- I may just indulge myself in various ways.

'Tis the parcel season - and I have been treating myself as well. these arrived in the last couple of days.

IST & Wildcrafty spindles

The one on the left is a resin whorl spindle from Wildcraft It is very pretty, but it does also spin well.

The one on the right is from IST, a lighter weight than the others I have (although I can't remember just at the minute what that is - duh...) Again, gorgeous to look at, but lovely to use, too. I am really pleased that there are some excellent spindle makers around in the UK now, and would wish for many more, except that it would do no good to my credit card balance at all!

So, there we are, all caught up. Today, I write Christmas cards. Yet again, I have failed to make my own. Every January, I say that I WILL do so, and I WILL START NOW. Yeah, right.

And then on Sunday, The Big Bash. Well, lunch with several friends in honour of our wedding anniversary of last October. Still can't get my head around it.......


Fluzz said...

I can't get my head round the fact that hubster and I have been married 4 years now 0.o

Thinking of spinning, would you possibly be inclined to price me up a beginner's kit? I tried before and got a lace-weight spindle and thick wool :s

I am hoping I might be able to pay you with muffins and shortbread made by myself for lessons next year.

Barbara Blundell said...

Hope the Big Bash goes well and a good time is had by all !