Friday, December 05, 2008

I've been tagged

By Marie.

At least, I think I have - so here goes, anyway.

The instructions are to go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.


Quite nice, I suppose. I photographed these hostas at Alston Hall, I know that much, but I don;t know when. Because I obviously didn't have time and date set on my camera as apparently it was taken in April 2013. Pretty cool, eh? Maybe I'm the new Doctor Who.......It was taken within the last two years, though, as it was done with my Samsung rather than the Finepix.

Although I like hostas, I could wish it had been a more interesting photograph, but never mind, it could have been worse.

So, in turn, I am tagging Barbara, Dalesgirl, I should be ironing, Penny and Beadlizard (because I can never have too much of Beadlizard's gorgeous photographs of the California coastline!)

The sixth of the sixth, and tag five, ok?

Fibrewise, I've cast on the Abby batt yarn for a pair of the "Fetching" cabled fingerless mitts from Knitty a while back. It's beautiful to knit with, and should be nice and warm. I've finished spinning the second of the batts, and would have got it plyed last night only my drive band got bitten through yet again. this gets tiresome - it's a family failing, apparently, either their sister or mother does it. Maybe both.

Just as well they are so cute.

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