Monday, December 15, 2008

Better late than never

Our actual wedding anniversary was nearly two months ago, but it was only yesterday that we had the "official" party.

It was great. I enjoyed it so much, that I am even including a photograph of myself.


I have another couple I can include. I love all the ones that were taken on my camera, but most of them have something about them that their subjects would perhaps prefer were not in a public forum. I don't mean anything too awful, just slightly unfortunate paper hats, or the expression caught whilst pouring a glass of wine, that sort of thing. Lovely memories for me, though!

decoding the cheeses

In this one, one of our friends is busy decoding the map that came with the cheese board. These things are meant to be taken extremely seriously, dontcha know!

Here, one of those coincidences that you just couldn't imagine happening. Two of our friends, from opposite ends of the country, have never met before - and are now deep in conversation because they are both oboe players (I hadn't known that.) In fact, another two likewise turned out to have a mutual friend through an interest. Too cool.

the oboe players

Here, the DSM is deep in conversation with my oldest friend (we met when we were eight years old, at Primary school.)


The only trouble with a do like this is it is impossible to spend as much time as one would like with everyone. But I didn't do so badly, and it was a great day. Just wish some of them didn't live so far away.

Felt a bit of a sense of anticlimax today, so I consoled myself with a trip to Coldspring Mill on a yarn buying spree. Bargains to be had in Noro, Araucania and unidentified eco cotton.

Life really does have its moments......


Dorothy said...

Many congratulations on the anniversary and throwing a good party too.

But the photo with you on - well, it doesn't give much away, does it? I was looking & thinking, 'where is she?' and then I realised you're looking away from the camera! ;)

Barbara Blundell said...

Looks like a wonderful and memorable party ! Think you should repeat every year.