Monday, December 29, 2008

So, here we are

In the post-Christmas, pre-New Year lacuna.

My festive season so far has been very festive, thank you very much. The Christmas Eve gathering was lovely, and provided a totally new to me form of entertainment for several of the company.



Those strange, triangular shapes at the top of the photos are not my thumbs. I was completely sober, being designated driver. No, one of the cats was, not surprisingly, extremely interested in what was going on.

I hope I haven't grossed anyone out too much......

Christmas Day was lovely, very low-key, and not too over-indulgent. We had kedgeree and croissants for breakfast, and then ate chestnut and red wine pate en croute with various trimmings for the main meal at five o'clock, watched Dr Who and then had pud. Gifts were happily exchanged, phone calls made and feet were put up. Nice.

We took my sister home the next afternoon, following more loafing about and chatting, and she treated us to a very good Indian meal at her local restaurant, and Saturday, we went in to Manchester to go to the theatre. "See how they run", which was super, and wonderful funny entertainment.

Then yesterday, we had friends over for lunch, after which we sat in the sitting room with only the decorative lights on and left the curtains open as the daylight faded, chatting peacefully. Gorgeous.

Not much fibre stuff going on, although I did get in a bit of spinning. I have finished spinning the final Abby batt, and just have to ply it, which I hope to do today. the other thing I want to try to get done is the first thing on my New Year, new broom list. With all the lovely spindles that I have, I need to get more of them into use, so I want to set up spindling projects in various places (probably not the bathroom, though....) I want to do some sampling for yarn for crochet, and the two would combine just fine.

I need to do some more work on that list, too, for which I require some time and space - like now. The next couple of days. It is always a slightly odd time of year, it seems to me, so I might as well use it profitably.

Although, always the procrastinator, coffee first!

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