Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woke up this morning.....

....to this.

towards the bridge

Well, I say "woke up" - "was woken" is nearer the mark. The DSM had tried to get his car out at the usual sort of time of 6.45, and failed miserably. There it was, stuck across the lane, and reinforcements were necessary. Fortunately, a neighbour appeared on the scene as well, and our car was soon more or less returned to base, and neighbour, with a straight run at the lane, was out.


So, this is us (the further half).


And this is up the lane.

ruby in the snow

This is Ruby, enjoying every minute of the new experience. At one point, she was racing around and her back paws slipped on a more icy patch. She stopped dead, turned round and looked at her back end with a gaze of absolute disbelief and disgust! Not that it stopped her for long.

barn in snow

Anyway, Barni was not impressed at all, a feeling much more typical of felines, I would say.

There are a few more photos on Flickr, just click on an image and look for the set. should you be as enamoured of snow as I am. I tend to come over all child-like with glee, we get so little of it.

But it has been great today, the DSM couldn't get in to work, but as I have a 4WD, we could go out, so we slithered around doing a bit of Christmas shopping, including some really cute decorations - I should photograph those, maybe - and one or two presents. Plus some more mundane errands that had really needed the two of us, but we just hadn't had time.

It has thawed some, but up here has also snowed some more. There could be more fun to come.

Oh, goody, goody.


Fluzz said...

It's meant to be -4'C tonight so expect some slippery fun tomorrow. Hubbie is expecting Tod High to be closed and I'm hoping my school will also be closed to let me go shop in tod.

I took 4 of the ferrets out in the snow this afternoon, pictures on my blog this evenink.

Marie said...

Lovely photo of Barni The Snow Cat!

Josie P said...

The few times we saw my cat (she was an outdoor cat) was when it was really cold or snowing. She hated being wet and cold and then she would still sit by the back door till she had dried off.
We did make her a nest of old blankets and coats in the ramshackle outhouse which we are pretty sure she used due to the vast amount of cat hair there.

Sue said...


Those pics of the snow are beautiful. We've only got slush down our way...