Sunday, November 30, 2008

Babbling on.

I can't for the life of me think of a title for this blog post. Perhaps if I just launch straight in to blathering, some gem will occur to me? Or not......

Friday was an AH day, and, I think, a good one. Yet again a crowd of folk, and two people missing. One newbie, who was very pleasant. Had spun years ago, and was so sure that she had forgotten everything, but of course had not, and by the end of the day was spinning a fairly fine and even yarn.

And apparently, the day in December that went in as an extra because no-one wanted to miss the Christmas lunch is also pretty booked up. I'm looking forward to that, should be a lovely day - but then, aren't they all?

Yesterday, the DSM and I went over to near Harrogate to meet a bunch of Ravellers who wanted to have a session spinning. They have a great set-up over there, with enough of them to have their own Ravelry Group and regular meets. Anyway, it all seemed to go pretty well, I think people enjoyed themselves, and hopefully learnt something! Had a long chat with someone about perceptions of whether or not there was more interest in crafts in general and spinning in particular. Well, not exactly that, I don't mean that there are more new spinners relative to other crafts of course, just whether or not I thought there was an increase in interest in spinning as well. Which I do. Partly riding the same wave with the knitters, but not just that.

Anyway, I'm really babbling here, I am absolutely frozen. I love the weather we have at the moment, but this room I am in gets so very cold. I need to hunt out the little fan heater we got last year.

Anyway, apropos of both those thing....Driving back over the tops from Harrogate, we had the sunset and the frost and the fog at it's most picturesque. We stopped a couple of times - fortunately, I had my camera with me. So, enjoy these!




Being down in the valley as we are, we rarely see sunsets -= the occasional spectacular sunrise, but not even those all that often. So, this was greatly enjoyed.

And, I still can't think of a title. Bither. Or even bother - really must re-mark this keyboard, my "touch typing" isn't, and several characters have been obliterated.

OK, I'll stop babbling...ah ha!


Lynn said...

Heh. I'm glad to read someone's else blog post that is NOT a model of perfect, thoughtful, insightful writing. In other words, one that is rather like mine.

And lovely sunsets, too!

Barbara Blundell said...

What gorgeous sunsets. Ours was pink and gray last night but by the time I had found the camera it had disappeared !

Dorothy said...

Hi Carol, thanks for sharing the sunsets - we don't see them either, not because we are in a valley but we are on the wrong side of the hill, facing east. I had almost forgot how lovely sunsets are.