Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spindling all the way

Whatever that means.

I did, I promise, take my camera. But there was no time, I tell you, none whatsoever, to even think about getting it out let alone aiming and firing. Oof!

We were at York Guild yesterday, booked to give a talk on pension funding, I mean our spindle collection. Followed by a workshop, which I had thought was to be with akha and supported spindles. But we did think to go prepared for anything to happen......

Their meeting room was packed. We rabbitted on for an hour, displaying our collection, talking about just what, in our view, makes for a good spindle, demoing a little bit. Then we were nicely entertained at lunch, and back into the fray.

I had expected that a lot of people would have left at lunchtime, but if anything there seemed to be more! And they wanted top whorl spindles as well as akhas and taklis. So, the great advantage of there being two of us, we got them split into two groups and he took one and I took the other.

I counted just how many whilst I was handing out fibre to work with, and I had seventeen participants! And two of those had never spun anything on anything. Ulp. The DSM reckoned he had around a dozen.

And it went amazingly well. No complete failures or disasters, quite a lot of very nice yarn spun, and then a quick whizz through plying. What is more, after that, I finally learned what "nostepinne" means - winding stick. Obvious, when you come to think of it. Pronounciation, too - nursterpinne.

There, as I have so often said, I always manage to learn something in a workshop......

It really was a very nice day, and I hope - think - that all those who took part enjoyed it too. Mind, we were absolutely shattered by the time we got home, and collapsed in front of the tv with a curry, before a little restorative spinning/knitting.

And of course, then I didn't sleep well again. I'm getting truly fed up with this. Blergh.


Tsuki said...

I've had lots of trouble sleeping of late. I've tried all sorts of things to help, but the best two I've found have been: no caffeine after 2pm and if you can't sleep, don't stress about not sleeping, get up and make a drink or read for a while (or spin) and then go back to bed when you are tired.

Fluzz said...

Have you tried Valerian? Holland & Barrett have it in capsule form. It smells *horrible* but it really works. It completely relaxes every muscle in your body and sleep is so much easier. I take it 1-2 hours before bed and zonk.

ambermoggie said...

sounds like you had a great if somewhat busy day:)
Try a glass of wine before bed, or ovaltine

Barbara Blundell said...

This usually works ! Concentrate on breathing and be aware of the tactile sensation of cold air entering the nostrils and warm air leaving. It changes focus if nothing else !