Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eccentric circles 1

I have indeed finished the crocheted scarf. and I really like it. I have a photograph......

eccentric circles 1

..which is not very good, but the best I can manage today as there is no daylight. It is, in fact, a vile day. Not only gloomy as hell, but dank, too. I may just have to scream.

But at least I have an FO.

This, remember, started out to be a shawl, but I realised, having done many circles, that I wasn't going to have sufficient yarn. Plus, I didn't like the shape I was getting. Working on this has enabled me to think this over subliminally, and I now realise that it could be done better with circles of different sizes, and an irregular placement.....

Another project for the slow-burning queue.

So, the scarf 3ill be washed and blocked, and maybe then I can get a good shot of it. Meanwhile, I am finally going to drag out the drum carder and at least see if one of the drive bands that I have will fit.

Otherwise, more screaming may be necessary.

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