Friday, November 07, 2008

Could have been worse......

I've been in to the Big City to have lunch with a friend today. (Very nice it was, too.) When I go in to the Big City, I don't drive, I get the train, only these days it is impossible to park at our nearest station, I have to go to the next one down the line. Which I now realise has a distinct disadvantage to so doing.

Got back to my car at the same time as the woman at the adjacent car, who I thought I heard exclaim. Soon found out why - the lock on the driver's side door had been forced. Hers, and several others had had windows smashed in. At least my door lock is still functioning and I don't have to rush off to Autoglass to get a replacement side window.

And even better, nothing was deemed worthy of stealing. My Barbour was way to old and untrendy, and they didn't even see the rather nice umbrella that was my father's that lives in the back as well. The distinctly un-cool, bottom of the range radio and cassette (yes! really!) player was still in situ. They had riffled around and obviously also disdained the twenty pence piece that is in there for an emergency car parking fee. So the stupid little toe rags got nothing for their pains, thank goodness.

Except. One pair of bamboo knitting needles. Will someone tell me why a teenage sneak thief should want a pair of freakin' bamboo knitting needles!?! They even took the knitting off them first!

Now, that is weird.


Fluzz said...

Tod or T'other way? If I might ask, which is 'Big City' and does it have a Waterstone's/Ottakars?

Hubbie and I are feeling seriously book-shop deprived since moving to the area.

Knitting needles....maybe what the charity shops say is true, they can be used as lethal weapons????

Marie said...

Perhaps a knitting thief. One who learned to knit during his or hers prior stay in jail.

Barbara Blundell said...

Perhaps he was building a bonfire
or maybe he'd stolen meat and sausages from another car and fancied a kebab.