Monday, November 24, 2008

The weekend

I sometimes have fantasies about My Ideal Weekend, involving roaring log fires or hot sunny days, quiet strolls through snow or along sunkissed beaches, slow leisurely meals in romantic country locations, sitting on a rock watching water gently flow....

I wake up. Oh, don't get me wrong, we have great weekends. And we do these days make strenuous efforts to have one All Go Day, one rather calmer. Things fall through the cracks, of course, like house maintenance, Christmas shopping - you can imagine. We generally get caught up eventually. So.

Saturday was the busybusy. We were, we thought, helping out someone at the Supreme Cat Show at the National Exhibition Centre. Um, no. So it was after all a leisure day, but one involving a nearly three hour drive each way. However, it was extremely interesting and enjoyable, we saw some fabulous cats, chatted to a few people, and increased the Snowshoes' collection of toys a bit, for which they are very grateful. (Rubbish, of course - no cat is ever grateful for anything. It is all their due.)


A snowshoe being judged.

new toy2

As for toys - why should those young whippersnappers have all the fun, eh?

new toy3

On the other hand....

OK, so Sunday, minimal chores, a long leisurely breakfast, and then lunch at the Bear cafe in Tod with some of the knitters. The place was really busy, unlike last time, no doubt because the weather was showery and chilly, not warm and sunny. But the staff are very tolerant of the needles, and we don't stint in the indulgence in the coffees and the smoothies and the good food...and the cake. We spent a good couple of hours before trundling home so that the DSM could see the rugby highlights, although I think he may have regretted that! (England more than lost, they were annihilated!)

Nothing new on the needles or hook, same old, same old although making slow progress all round. However, I do have an idea for a more major project, I need to do some sketches (sic). I am still spinning - I have one bag of the "Safflower" spun and plyed, and have started another. these are a little different form the first ones, so I think a mitred, patchworky kind of thing will indeed work best.

But for today, I need to finish the washing first, maybe consider for a moment actually cleaning something (pause....nah.) Then drag out the crochet circles scarf which keeps looking at me balefully from the basket, and maybe even finish it.


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