Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember, remember

I think I may have used that as a title for a post in a previous year. but it gained another resonance today.

I veer between relishing the good in our world - friends, felines, fibre, food of the natural and wholesome variety, the fun and frivolity that can be found in music, theatre, poetry, art, opera and books, the realm of natural things; and truly despairing about the greed and chicanery, the abuses, the cruelties, the idolisation of the meretricious. And most of that stems from the realm of governments and those who stand behind them. (What me? A conspiracy theorist? Nooooooooo!)

Of late years, because of that, I haven't listened to or watched much of what we are told is "news". But, not sleeping all that well last night (and I wonder why that was?) I did hear quite a bit of the night-long broadcasting from the USA on the election results.

Now, it could so easily be said that whatever transpires in the corridors of power of Washington DC matters not one bit to me in my little rural enclave in Yorkshire. But that would be so wrong, in so many ways that I'm not, just not, going to go there. Oh, it matters, actually and spiritually (for want of a better word.)

And so, there has been....a wind of change (yes, I'm old enough to remember that, too.) Watching the television news this lunchtime, it was just amazing to see the exultation on so many faces. Not to mention the tears on Jesse Jackson's face. As well as the obvious, I think that it has to have been a measure of just how badly so many have been feeling, like me, about the state of the world over the last few years. And now, just maybe, there could be that wind starting up, and I would like to remember that tiny feeling of possibility.

So, having waxed lyrical, now - a rant. Well, a small one. Will someone please tell Fisher Price Toys to remove that stupid ad from the television? The one that urges you to get the latest toy for your little angel called "Magic Rattle Pooh"? Because I'm telling you, the image it conjures up is not in the least sweet or Christmassy!!

And to fulfil the foremost purpose of this blog, some fibre-talk. I have been spinning quite a bit since we got back from SOAR, and have completed these:

Safflower yarns

Wool tops, and camel and silk in the "Safflower" colourway from Freyalynn. I think I need some more to do what I'm aiming at, though - a "lazy" mitred square wrap. I will be sampling soon.

I'm also spinning the pound of cormo that I got at Rhinebeck. A little bit neppy, but I think it will be fine when plyed and any slightly lumpy bits squdged in. Another wrap in mind - I need to find a pattern, but that won't be too hard, they are quite the thing at the moment.

OK. My little angel.


You can tell he is a little angel by the red eyes, right? (The slightly dopey look is because he is nesting on a lovely handspun, handknit jacket next to a warm radiator, by the way.

The angel was responsible for this:

Barnied silk

Not yet sure how much is salvageable.

I'll remember this all right.

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Barbara Blundell said...

Carol. I wonder what you said to the little angel