Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shameless display of booty

I collect hand spindles. I can attempt, reasonably successfully, that as we teach spindle spinning, a good representative collection is essential. I can say, completely honestly, that I only buy ones that work well, and that I will use, over time. I can joke, with an insouciant laugh, that they represent my pension fund (something of a hollow laugh, these days, of course.)

But in all honesty, what I really am is .......

A spindle slut. Oops.

This, finally unearthed from the luggage, is our latest spindle haul.

Avi Wasserman and Bosworth spindles

A gorgeous, weighty Avi Wasserman, and a Bosworth mini (yes, really, looks rather bigger to me), the latter in dogwood and rosewood, and very pretty. Well, they both are.


Two lovely Forresters.

Hatchtown and Lily spindles

One from Hatchtown Farm, and a "Lily" spindle. Whorl made from Corian, of all things, but nevertheless spins like a dream. I didn't like the prettier wood ones, way over-light for my taste.


A lovely Spindlewood, in snakewood. Who could resist>

Tabachek Tibetan

A Tibetan style spindle by Edward Tabachek. Lovely cherry wood. Also irresistible.


And finally, two little Goldings. The one on the right is mine, the other, the DSM's. There are many and wonderful Goldings, but they are getting hideously expensive. Works of art, but.....

Now, I need to get each room in the house set up with a spindle again, so that I can do some serious production work. One in the handbag, to carry everywhere with me. Because, you see, I really do enjoy the process.

And finally, a little colour from around these, rather than foreign parts.

red leaves


Plus, it's cold! The coven met this evening, the first time in ages, lovely! but when I got home, the sky was nearly clear, and the stars where brilliant. Are we going to have a real winter, then? Or is it just an illusion?


janel said...

oh my! who was selling hatchtown spindles? And what a nice haul you got. I also fell for one of those tibetan style spindles, and a few spindlewoods, but I never did get back to the Golding booth and I didn't get a chance to really shop at Morgaines (although I get to see her all the time at the local shows around here so I'll see her spindles again). I also got one of the double layer Forrester's as well. I guess we both are spindle ahem... collectors

beadlizard said...

The Bosworth mini would be my favorite of that batch. There is something about them that hits the right wavelength for me. I'm especially fond of Alden's tahklis, and a good big Navaho spindle is worth its weight in gold. Sure don't see them around much. Is it the lack of portability or is nobody even teaching with them anymore?

Kai said...

Cool spindles! And I think that I am one of those spindle-sluts too...

I was buying spindles before I knew how to use them. It's a lot worse now that I know how to!

Barbara Blundell said...

Look forward to seeing the Booty in the flesh !

Marcy said...

"Spindle Slut"? You?? Never!

Anna said...

So lovely spindles! I really want one of the tibetan ones, looks son beautiful.