Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally, finally, finally

I'm being gently nagged - but the hold-up has mainly been the time needed to upload photos from my camera to the pc, and then to edit and upload to Flickr. Plus the little matter of a modicum of jetlag, recovering from the SOAR cold and having an AH class yesterday.

Slouch I have not been. Honest.

So, we had a great time. That's it, really.

Oh - more info? Heh heh.

We started out in New York City, after a long and uncomfortable flight. Which was entirely our fault for flying with Continental, but they were way the cheapest. But maybe never again, regardless.



We took things fairly gently, a little shopping and wandering around what was a very interesting neighbourhood, lots of stops for coffee, people watching and so on. Nice.

Then Thursday night we went to see "Spamalot". Which was fun, but I don't actually think would have been quite so well received if it hadn't been Python. Definitely fun, though. Plus by some weird coincidence, the actor playing King Arthur was the same one who had played Shakespeare in "The Frogs" that we saw in NYC last time we were there four years ago.

Friday was largely devoted to the The Met. We did the backstage tour in the afternoon and It Was Fabulous, Fascinating and Fun. Too many highlights to bore you with, but eavesdropping on rehearsals had to be one, and being able to touch costumes
and props and then to see them onstage later was also a wow.

And by a freak of the internet, there was a glitch with our tickets for way up in the gods, so for the actual performance of Lucia we were in the stalls. Cor, posh! For a wonderful, wonderful performance - the plot is crap, but the singing was extraordinary!

OK, moving on - picked up car, avoided parking ticket, visited "Knitty City" where we provided entertainment for the cute and friendly young staff (of which more, later) and went again to Zabar's for essential supplies for a picnic and SOAR. And then off into the wilds of Pennsylvania.

My photos of the Delaware Water Gap are nothing special, but we did see a fine Monarch butterfly.

Monarch butterfly

Then, we stopped at Bushkill Falls for a picnic lunch and a bit of a walk around. A pretty foretaste of things to come.

Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls

I was going to include my SOAR report in this post, but time is getting away from me, and besides, it will then be a bit picture heavy. So - continued tomorrow.

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Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Carol,
Interesting stuff and great pics. Look forward to the rest !