Friday, May 02, 2008

Best laid plans.......

I was rightly taken to task for not posting a photograph of Max, so first of all I will remedy that!

max & ruby

You can just see a bit of his topiary - he has various shaved bits, of course.

Anyway, I think he is doing quite well. The note of caution is me being pessimistic, as I am still sometimes. This morning he was very bright, enjoying the spring sunshine, all four mogs sitting in the bedroom window basking and showing off to passing walkers. Then, he ate a huge supper, and had a massive drink of water. But Madam Doom-and-Gloom here was thinking he looked a bit uncomfortable. This is more likely the product of my down time of day, and the fact that I am supposed to be arriving in Newquay as I type - but I have had to stay behind and keep a watchful eye on the recovering patient.

The vet was very much of the opinion that Max shouldn't be unattended for long periods because of the still present risk of the stitches failing and the ensuing peritonitis. Plus, he has antibiotics still to take. H, quite reasonably, was unkeen to have the responsibility, and could only call in a couple of times a day anyway. The cattery likewise. So - here I am, having insisted that the DSM went so as not to let DMIL (who really is, and I am deeply regretful of not seeing her this weekend) down.

So, the agenda is to try not to worry too much about topiarised mog; to catch up on a bit of housework (am I mad???); to catch up on several episodes of CSI various; and to play with this:

great wheel

"This" was on eBay. A David Bryant (cottage) great wheel. I have always wanted one of these - at least, one of his Jersey wheels - but I never got around to it. Then this appeared, so, much to the DSM's dismay, I said I was going to have a punt. I fully expected it would go for more than I was prepared to pay, but it didn't. And lo and behold, it was living near Scunthorpe, and thus very convenient for collecting on the way home from Cambridge.

It is nicely made, as one would expect, simple and functional. And of a size to fit in nicely - only very slightly larger than my Timbertops. So my philosophy of "if I buy it, it will fit" worked out. I have had a little play, and find it nice to spin on - rather akin to a charka, of course. So that is one decent way of spending some of my unexpectedly free and solitary Bank Holiday weekend.

Now, here's the coincidental and hilarious thing. The person I bought it from announced that was the spinning tool that was replacing this wheel. And brought to show me......the Alden Amos charka I had sold to someone else via eBay a couple of years ago.

Spoo-ky? Not really, I suppose, but good for a giggle.


beadlizard said...

It's a small world...!

Charleen said...

Since Sylvia beat me to the punch, let's just say it shows our interconnectiveness! After that Estonian mitten story on the online guild I'm not surprised!

Congrats on your new wheel. I didn't realize anyone made a cottage great wheel.

Sara said...

Thank you for Max's photo, topiary (!) notwithstanding.

About the other? What goes around comes around. In more ways than 2.

I crack myself up somtimes :)

Dorothy said...

Wow! I must look at ebay more often! What a beautiful wheel. I'd love one... but guess that another turning up this way is unlikely.

Glad to see Max, I'm sure he appreciates the attention of his dedicated people. Fuss and attention is very good for a cat's health and general well-being!