Monday, May 05, 2008

Holiday Monday

And it has been like Piccadilly Circus around these parts. The weather was fine enough to draw out all the casuals as well as the diehards. There were several huge walking parties - I have absolutely no clue what the attraction is to walking in the countryside in the ambulatory equivalent of a charabanc, but there you go.

Early on, my batty neighbour flung wide her window as one such group passed, and gave forth in her loudest and most abusive tones, slamming the window so hard that I felt my walls shake, let alone what she must have felt. But fortunately, that was the only occasion - I think her poor, long-suffering husband must have taken her out fro the day!

So - the house is squeaky clean (I do have *such* an over-active imagination........) Not that I did that much in the sitting room, as the new furniture comes tomorrow (assuming they can get it through the doors, aargh, the o-a imag again). And I did a mega chunk of ironing as well.

I have managed to fit in a reasonably amount of time playing with the spindle wheel. No photographs, my attempts so far, whilst not absolutely awful, are not that great, either. I need to work on my consistency some more, and I haven't really got the hang of plying yet.

I did a bit of reading up, as well, and according to Patricia Baines in "Spinning wheels &etc", the small size spindle wheel was most often used for cotton. She is the only source I have found for this so far, but it does actually fit in with the (undocumented) provenance that I was given for this wheel. Which was that it was made by David Bryant for use in demonstration at Quarry Bank. Anyway, I gave it a go, and even thought the ratio is only about 20 - 1, it was a very nice way to spin cotton.

It feels very nice and comfortable to spin on, this wheel, I'm enjoying it. I have, however, encountered a snag. A Ruby - shaped snag. She is totally fascinated with it, and leaps up at the fibre (tricky, as she is in danger of impaling herself on the spindle); grabs at and chews on the drive band; puts paws under the wheel rim; and likewise through the spokes. With that last, I am just so glad that I am only turning the wheel slowly by hand, or even my made-of-india-rubber little girl might suffer some damage!

Max has been brilliant today, much more like his old self, and eating like the proverbial. To the vet tomorrow, paws crossed for a good outcome. And my solitary weekend is nearly over, the DSM is back in a couple of hours.

I might just enjoy that!


beadlizard said...

Do you think there might be a pleasant-to-you herbal potion you could spray lightly on the new spindle wheel that would be UNpleasant-to-Ruby? Cat-Away Magic Solution?

Will continue waving the dpns for Mr. Max.

Dorothy said...

Of course cats want to join in with spinning, just like they need to sit on the book you're reading, except it's more fun! My cat injured his nose one day, putting it close up to a turning spinning wheel. He still loves to sit close by when I'm spinning.

It might seem a bit mean, but I used a small water pistol to train my cat, very successfully. He'll go out of doors in pouring rain (so long as it isn't windy) but he hates the water pistol and so learnt fast.

I hope Max is doing well.