Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where did the week go?

Well, the DSM was a bit poorly when he got home, with what we thought was a throat infection but turns out maybe to have been another virus. So he was at home all week, working sometimes, but sometimes not.

Then, Max had an appointment with the vet for stitches removal, which went very well, except that this (different)vet seems convinced that his tumour was a lymphoma and will therefore recur. We are waiting to see the original one, who did the surgery, and may have another point of view...

But after doing very well for a few days, we both of us thought on Friday that he had relapsed somewhat, so back to the vet again. It is a recurrence of the infection that they found earlier, and is responding so far very well to antibiotics. But again we have to wait and see. This is getting a tad stressful....for him, too, the weather is glorious and he is desperate to get outside, but is forbidden on medical advice!

Then of course, on Tuesday, the new furniture arrived, and boy was that exciting. The lads got it in, but with the deployment of the greatest skill you can imagine. We were so impressed. Then, when they had gone, we looked at the furniture, at one another, back again, and I certainly was thinking "Oh my god, just what have we done!" It looked really startling and huge. But now, having arranged it rather differently from the way we had intended, and having had a few days to get used to the appearance and to appreciate the comfort, we are very pleased with it.

So, the weather. Very pretty, but too suddenly hot. But we couldn't resist going for a stroll this morning before the crowds got overwhelming. It is Spring in full flight out there today, and lovely with it. Viz:

view down the valley1

The view down the meadows to our cottage. We are the right half of that pale blob in the distance, not the nearer cottage.

apple blossom

The crab apple by the road bridge in bloom - such a shame we can never reach the apples!


Bluebells in profusion in Spring Wood.


Pink purslane down by the goyt. (Both bluebells and purslane have a more intense colour than the camera is showing.)

And just to prove that I do still care about fibre crafts, the upstairs spinning (often done in the middle of the night when unable to sleep.)


I have throughout the week managed to cling on to a very little craft activity, and next week should be better. Plus, I have to do some blending for the AH class - which should be good fun. I've found a few things to try out. How about camel, bamboo and a little glitz? Does that appeal?

Results as and when, plus an update on the downstairs spinning - and knitting. Plus a kitten (sabre tooth tiger??) update. They Have Grown.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you have sheep for neighbors! About those crab apples, my great grandmother made the yummiest cookies filled with crab apple jelly. If you can nab some apples, I'll send the recipe.

Ruth said...

Carol, I can't imagine the number of people you're describing! Where do they come from? Are they tens of people, or hundreds?

I think I need to start that "Life List" of places I want to visit. You are on it, based on that lovely valley photo!

beadlizard said...

I hope your menfolk feel better soon!

One can often pick crabapples with a cherry picker. Take a can (3" or so across the top, >4" deep) with one end open, one end closed, and punch a few holes in a line up the side. Lash the can through the holes to the end of a long pole and while you're at it, lash a fork with the two center tines bent away from the can and the outer ones toward the can. Reach up, snag the fruit with the fork, pull, and it pops into the can.

Wear a hat because sometimes they bounce and you get beaned! --Syl

Anonymous said...
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