Monday, May 26, 2008

Praise be for Bank Holidays!

Because we get two days to recover from the trip!

Which was, as they say, a blast. Great hospitality, and a good workshop. Plus a little grockling and on the way home, a super meal in a little place we know......

I couldn't get a photo of the Angel of the North, we were a bit late and couldn't take the time to stop. One of these days, I will be able to - I saw it from a different angle this time and it was even more impressive.

But we were able to take some time to have a brief wander around Durham Cathedral. They don't allow you to take photos inside, which I suppose is reasonable. I would have loved to have been able to go to town on the famous pillars, which are all carved in different patterns. But I had to make do with a couple of outside things. We didn't have a huge amount of time, and as well, there was a service going on - I was surprised to the bone by how horrible the music was. Normally, there is little so spine-tingling as liturgical singing, but this was ghastly. Weird.


door arch

Carved sandstone around the door. And then, this magnificent beast. (It's a replica, but still quite something.) This was the Sanctuary Knocker.

sanctuary knocker

That was the last of the full day workshops until the autumn. We have two short ones at Woolfest at the end of next month, but otherwise, a bit of a break. I need to do some serious preparation work now, though, so no fear of being unoccupied. I want to get a decent leaflet advertising us prepared by Woolfest, and I have to do all the signage over again as well. Revamp the workshops a bit. Work on the week-long course for next year. Work up another proposal for something.....

And they call this retirement?

This week has other concerns though, so for a couple of days I shall concentrate on spinning. Although I do have new socks on the needles.


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