Friday, May 23, 2008

And yet again.....

I don't know what it is at the moment, but it seems to be all go. Places to be, things to do. I suppose I shouldn't complain!

Twice to the Big City (well, one of them) this week, and me such a country mouse. I had arranged to meet a friend for lunch on Tuesday, which I duly did and it was very nice. But after I had made the arrangement, I found out that Tom Stoppard's "Hapgood" was on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The DSM and I didn't have a free slot together to see it during its limited run, so although I would have happily gone on my own, I did check around for companions.

The Coven obliged.

So, another nice day out. "Hapgood" is not my favourite of the Stoppards that I have seen. That accolade has to go to "Arcadia". (I do wish someone would revive that.) But it has sufficient of the typical Stoppard coruscating use of language to be more than satisfying, and I did really enjoy this performance. I did miss what was for me the highlight of the original 1988 London performance which was a perfectly brilliant exposition of waves and particles done with the aid of a park gate, but I gather that the play underwent a fairly extensive revision after I saw it, so maybe that was deemed a bit that had to go.

One of my other doings this week was a routine trip to the doctor, but I took the opportunity to get him to check my wrist. As I thought, it is officially arthritis. Use it, he said. But nothing repetitive. I knit and spin, I said, with him shaking his head. Tough. I'm not giving either up. It isn't that bad. Doctors are so silly sometimes.....oh, I'll take reasonable care, I'm not daft, either. Much.

OK, so now we are off Further Up North for the final workshop of the Spring. Unknown territory, but it should be fun. We have Woolfest at the end of next month (but with a few days holiday immediately beforehand) and I have just been asked if we can do two sessions instead of the one originally arranged. How great to have so many people wanting to learn to spindle spin!

No pics. Nothing of all that much interest. Everything is growing slowly - shawl, shrug, scarf, sock, yarn on bobbins, kittens. Well, in Barni's case, growing quickly.

Maybe with a couple of weekend days after we get back from our workshop, I'll claim some quality time nurturing all of the above.......

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