Sunday, May 18, 2008


That was time flying past, that was.

Friday was AH, and a really good day for me, at least. I had three very nice complete (or more or less so) beginners, and it was really satisfying. Why? Because they didn't get it instantly, but were trying very hard, and so it was just great for both sides when they got there. As a teacher, whilst it may be fun to have a student who can just Do It, you know that this has little or nothing to do with your skills. But when everyone has to work at it, then you can allow yourself to feel that what you are doing with them does have some bearing on their eventual success. I think all four of us ended up feeling reasonably satisfied with our day.

And, lots of very nice blending was done by others, plus the couple of intermediates made some more good progress as well.

I wandered around a bit at lunchtime and took a few arty shots with my trusty digital camera, of which I liked this the best.

1805 001

Not having slept all that well the night before, I was pretty shattered when I got home, but the DSM made supper and we had a nice relax over a glass of wine with kittens to cuddle.

Saturday was Guild, and another good day. No workshop or speaker, but a nice crowd and lots of pleasant chat. I was talking to the new Speaker Finder (not a task to take on lightly!) and she like me had not been totally overwhelmed by the programme of late. So she has lined up some excellent choices for next year, definitely some meetings to look forward to.

Then the DSM wanted to go to see "Juno" at the local fleapit last night, so we did, as I wanted to drag him to something today. I was glad we went, it was very touching and very funny, with a super performance from the eponymous heroine. I would squabble slightly with a few things, but all in all it was a mainstream feel-good movie made with a bit of class and integrity.

So, today. My niece was exhibiting again over the weekend, and I wanted to go, so we schlepped over to Huddersfield this morning. I liked a couple of her pieces, but the co-exhibitors work didn't grab me particularly. Still, you don't know unless you try.

string bag


I took another arty shot - I really liked this roofscape.

roof, Bates Mill2

I then developed an irresistible craving for coffee, so we dipped into Huddersfield, where the DSM treated himself to a large mocha. With extra cream. And I had to be seen in public with this!

would you sit in public with this?

And now I am about to crash out with some knotting.


Anonymous said...

Love the arty shots, especially the roofscape! My 8th greatgrandfather was from Huddersfield, allegedly, but he was a bit of a shady character, so may have been less than truthful about that.

beadlizard said...

Scullery's ancestors are the most fascinating creatures!

DSM looks like a Santa in training with that "frost" on his whiskers and nose. Silly man. Isn't he wonderful?

I love the roof shot, too, and totally know what you mean about students who strive and then succeed. Someday I want to take a class from you!

Anonymous said...

No, that's how he'll look when he's old!!