Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There and back again

Despite all the alarums and excursions with Max, a great weekend. Everything went very smoothly, our talk was well received and seemingly our workshop much enjoyed. They were a grand bunch of people, made us very welcome and were enthusiastic participants. What more can anyone ask, eh?

Spending time with L&M is always good, we don't so it nearly often enough. Mind you, I'm not sure just how easy it would be to fit in many more visits!

We didn't leave until Monday morning, and as it was a gorgeous day, took an hour to revisit old haunts, which were looking particularly spectacular in the Spring sunshine.


pres lodge1


It all seems such a very long time ago.........

Anyway, to more important matters. Max is home!! The vets are very pleased with him, he has stood the surgery so well. There was only one tumour, and they took it all, so if the internal stitches hold (and it will be horrendous if they don't) he should make a full recovery. What no-one can tell is for how long, but apparently the prognosis in cases like this is excellent.

When I picked him up, he wowed at me, and the vet asked if he spoke a lot, as he had been almost completely silent whilst with them. Neither had he moved much. I said that it was probably neurotic siamese syndrome, and I was, of course, quite right. He yelled all the way home, and when let out of he box, crashed around the house for ages, visiting everywhere, jumping on to things without seemingly a care in the world. He did eventually settle down, thank goodness, as I felt I had to follow him around in case he hurt himself or the babies bounced too vigorously.

Anyway, he is eating well, and has had wet food as well as drinking some - dehydration has been a problem. There are still things that could go wrong, and he is on antibiotics until the weekend. But to my amazement, things are looking good!

We didn't nickname him Bam Bam for nothing!

Oh - nearly forgot. Obligatory kitten picture. They are in my knitting basket, the little baskets.......


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Sara said...

Where's the obligatory MAX picture????

Oh. Sorry. Yelling. I've been worried all weekend.