Monday, April 21, 2008

This and that...and kittens

Of course. I'm not tired of them yet.


Isn't this the sweetest, most innocent little thing?


Don't you believe it, of either of them. (I caught the other one by the tail as she disappeared through the outer cat flap this morning - I do hope that I have more than nine lives.)

The only time I can relax is when they are all asleep.


As they are now, all together and cosy on a slightly bleak afternoon.

Of course, I can shut the doors on them and leave the house, as I did on Friday, which was an AH day. A very pleasant one, as usual. We looked at, broadly speaking, cellulosics. Mainly flax and cotton, and two or three people were persuaded to try the latter and actually enjoyed it, I think. Once I can get them using the modified around the corner "long draw" technique, people do tend to find it easier if not fluent. I now need to actually get around to finishing the scrubbies in flax and hemp that I started for the purposes of illustration.

Saturday was Guild. We decided at the very last minute that we would rush around like mad things and find the many materials that we needed to do the scheduled workshop, so squoze in the doors at the chime of eleven. Only to find that the speaker had not - and did not - turn up. We were all a bit worried in fact, as that is not like her, and we are just crossing our fingers that all is well.

Still, I had my wheel with me, and spent a very pleasant few hours chatting with people and continuing to spin the merino/soy blend.

Yesterday, we spent quietly at home (don't faint.) I did do a very, very little light housework, plus a bit of reorganising in the work room. Some weeks ago, we bought me a nifty thing on wheels with wire mesh baskets that slide in and out from IKEA. This being to store my bead stash in a more user-friendly fashion. I finally got round to shifting everything over, and then started to put some other stuff away. There's more to do (isn't there always?) I might snatch an hour later this aft, as long as Be-el and Zebub don't come a-hammerin' on the door. Shatters me nerves something shocking, that does.

Oh - Rubes has just discovered (again) that she has a tail. If she's not careful, she's going to fall off.........the window sill!

Anyway - I also managed a bit of shawl knitting yesterday. I'm quite - nearly - almost getting to enjoy it?


So I could spend the afternoon doing that.....

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