Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another day.....

One on which I have felt less than perky. I could not get off to sleep on Friday night - I was still wandering around at 3am. And we had to get up fairly early to go to York to see the mater the next day. Still, I managed, we had a successful visit - she has a (I think mild) chest infection following on from a cold, theses things always spread like wildfire in hot care homes, don't they? But she was quite perky for a while, so I don't think I need to be too anxious - this time. She is ninety next month - not that she would thank me for saying so publicly - and it doesn't do to forget that. And I have no clue what to get her for a birthday gift. She has asked for perfume, but she asks for that for every Christmas and birthday now, and although I shall get her some as that is what she wants, I would like to think of something a little bit special.

Anyway - home via a pet supermarket to stock up on kitty toys. The most successful so far being a little tunnel with a fluffy ball on an elastic attached. Spoiled brats.

Even though I went to bed quite early and slept really well last night, I have felt a bit death warmed up-ish today. It's often that way, though - hopefully, another early night will sort me out. But some of the things i had intended to get on with today haven't materialised, I fear. Not to worry. Tomorrow is another day.

I have been spinning some more silk. I've moved on from greens to deep reds, practically aubergines. Very nice. This is still in the thicker style of silk spinning. When these are done, I will do some fine on the Lendrum, it will all make a good contrast in various projects.

While we were out yesterday, we left the four mogs together, each pair with a bedroom as refuge. I was slightly anxious about doing this, as Max had regressed a bit on Friday and swatted Ruby rather hard. But all survived, and have enjoyed a day of cuddles and pampering with nice foody titbits today. With this result:

four sleeping

This was the first time that all four had slept together on our bed, so I thought it was worth recording!

And here are the two usual suspects on the perch - but methings the kids have grown a bit, there seems to be more hanging over the edges than there was!


I have only managed one video clip so far - they move so dam' fast. Here it is, for what it is worth. And no, this isn't two giant panthers, it's two littlw kittens.

Oh, and my Timbertops survives, thus far.


Dorothy said...

I'm enjoying the cat and kitten pictures. My cat has one of those tunnel toys, he loves it best, next to little mice with rattles. Top favourites though are cardboard boxes and newspapers (to sit on, dive under, or tear apart). Glad to hear your Timbertops is surviving.

If I had a kitten in the house again, I'd be worried about my stash - several cardboard boxes full of wool fibre. Fortunately my 15 yr old cat prefers a wool blanket to wool in a box, and he prefers his boxes empty.

beadlizard said...

DH's cattens used to tussle like that back when we were in our teens. After, they'd groom each other and curl up for a nap.

I think the coming of spring is messing with sleep patterns. We've all been bouncing back and forth from sloth to gerbil.

Hope your mom gets well fast -- the lung thing going around out here is nasty.