Thursday, April 03, 2008

Every day, a new adventure!

Every door that is opened is one that has to be gone through, for a kitten. For a kitten, each new thing encountered has to be thoroughly explored.

That is why I am to be seen every time I go to the cupboard under the stairs standing on one leg waving the other around in mid-air at kitten height. This is a vain attempt to stop them from getting in and right to the back which leads gawd knows where.

And why, every time I hear a sound that might be a cat flap, I have to stop what I am doing and rush to check. Because they are clever little buggers, and Ruby has already been found on the "wrong" side of it and Barni is nearly there. I have never before in all these long years come across kittens who have even been able to work this out fro themselves, let alone so early.

No wonder I am exhausted!

But spinning has been done.


I don't think the colour on this is brilliant, but I'm on the laptop so it is hard to tell for sure. The skein on the left is a near-teal silk, spun slightly thicker for knitting; I'm quite pleased with it, but perhaps could do better. The other two are for socks. I got one spun and thought that maybe I would not have enough, so bought some more fibre in a similar colourway; I think the colours go together all right, but the two wools although both labelled merino are quite different in quality and both look and feel different. I see some sampling in my future.

Spinning with the kits around is ......... challenging. Barni loves to push between the spokes of the wheel and to both of them any moving part is of interest. So too are all the little bits of leather or thread that poke out or dangle down. Did you know that kitten-spit rots silk? Well, it does appear to!

Knitting on circs at least is somewhat easier. So progress is being made on the shrug-thingy.


I like the way the yarns work together, and I do like the colours in theory, but I am not sure how it will look finally. But I shall persevere, and if nothing else, it will make a lovely cosy bed wrap for next winter.

I will cut back on the kitten stuff, but all the while they are so little and sweet to look at, I can't resist taking photos of them. A couple of the latest.....


And look how well they are beginning to get on together! Neelix put himself into this group, too.

three together

They are asleep! (I can tell by the snoring.) So I can go get on with something.


Ruth said...

Oh, Carol, they are just TOO cute! (gushy gushy mush ad nauseum and I don't care either...)

I may quiz you more on the cotton in a couple weeks. My punis just don't draft well, and I need to figure out why.

spinningmaid said...

That sounds even worse than spinning with toddlers around!
Just as cute though?

Marie said...

I love the photo of all the sleeping cats! I think a bigger bed or another bed may be needed soon. The sleeping position of one cat is hysterical. Don't cut back on the photos.

beadlizard said...

Snoring cats! Really enjoying the photos. --Syl