Sunday, April 13, 2008

A photo-free post

No exciting or cute photos of the spawn of hell. Nothing much on the fibre front, either. Stuff has been done, but none of it that photo-worthy.

Aforementioned spawn - now rechristened Be-el and Zebub - have had a few highly energetic days, leaving me with little concentration and less energy! The person responsible for their existence is coming to visit this afternoon - shall I send them home with her? No. Despite their kittenish hellaciousness, they are loving and cute and will develop into beautiful, calm grown-up cats one day. (Please....)

So all I have done this week is some highly necessary housework (cat litter gets everywhere), some more spinning of more silk, and some desultory knitting. Apropos of the silk. I broke my own advice (again) and am suffering for it. So, here it is again, slowly and carefully, and I will listen.

If you have a limited amount of silk spun that you want to ply from a centre-pull ball, do not under any circumstances leave the ball without some sort of support in the core. Repeat....under any circumstances.

Said ball WILL collapse into unsortable tangles. And it did. Now I have to reball it, and will lose some of the silk in the process. Silly me.

Thursday was a busy day, visitors and visiting. Nice, though. Then yesterday, the DSM had suggested a trip to Manchester to the theatre, we hadn't been for ages and ages, probably a year. Just managed to scrape a couple of return tickets to "The Glass Menagerie".

I had never seen it before, and wow, I loved it. Not what I had expected - my impression of Tennessee Williams from film was of overblown and overdramatic stuff. This wasn't (yes, I know, different directors &etc) The cast was superb, all four well-matched, and with to my ear, well-crafted accents. Amanda was played by Brenda Blethyn as a most believable character with strong resemblance to my own dear mama (how did she do the research, eh?) But with a few redeeming features so you didn't dislike her completely. When she appears to greet "the Gentleman Caller" she has affixed fake ringlets to her hair, and somehow manages to bounce and shake them in a delicious parody of the young girl she once was. Magic! And the long scene between the GC and Laura was touching in the extreme. We made sure we booked for The Revenger's Tragedy and Hay Fever before we left, to make sure of catching them. We could just fit them in to our busy schedule - just.

Before, I did a modicum (ahem) of clothes shopping at my favourite store that has inconsiderately moved out of the centre to Chorlton cum Hardy. And after, we had a very good Chinese meal at the nearby restaurant we have used before we has had something of a re-vamp, for the better, and was buzzing.

Today, I am going to spend girding my loins for the week ahead, because I have a lot to do that isn't getting done because of you-know-who. A bit of gardening if the weather picks up - if not, well, I'll find something. A good weekend, anyway.


spinningmaid said...

Love the names - very clever!!

beadlizard said...

Your description of the scenes in the play is so vivid.

We've all done that same thing with silk many, many times. I think silk sends out a subliminal message of, "you can trust me..." and then spitefully, silkfully, tangles. Patience...