Friday, April 25, 2008

Long day

It's 6.30 and I am exhausted! Fortunately, there is a large quantity of very nice soup in the fridge, so I don't have to cook. I have a fresh mug of tea to hand, and the prospect of a more robust drink in a while.......

So, why?

We realised last weekend that Max the seal point had become used to the kids. Great. but we also realised that all was not well with him, things that were off had been masked by what had been going on, and other factors that I needn't go on about. So, anyway, we made an appointment with the vet, and she found a large tumour in his gut. Buggrit. She sent blood off, and we started waiting.

Bloods came back reasonably good. He was quite well enough to stand an investigation, and if appropriate, surgery. So, that has been today. Deeper manual exam, then radiology, and having got that far with no nasty surprises, the surgery went ahead.

And thus far, he's hanging in there. The vet got the one tumour all away, and he had no problems with the anaesthetic. Now we have to wait to see how he deals with recovery and healing. Poor little sod, he isn't going to be enjoying the next few days. I'm going to be keeping as much as possible crossed consistent with teaching a workshop this weekend!

That's the other thing I have been doing today - rounding up all the stuff for the workshop and talk. The latter we have rehearsed a bit but are basically going to wing, drawing on previous workshops and so on. The workshop won't be finalised until we get there and find out exactly what they wan to do, but it will be some or all of what we have done many times before. Not that that means that we go on to autopilot! Every occasion is different, different people, different dynamics. But we are familiar to say the least with our basic material and can slice and dice as necessary.

I'm looking forward to it - a guild we haven't been to before, though we will know some people. And we are staying with good friends who we don't see often enough. The mogs are staying home with a friend coming in to feed and check on them; and Max will get good care with the vet.

But I can't help crossing my fingers - it's going well, but....can't help worrying!

Still. a couple of good things today - a huge box from Traci Bunkers full of the most luscious fibre for Woolfest. And lunch with my sister, over in HB with a friend.

OK, off to pack clothes, not an easy task now that we are more or less in changeover season!


ambermoggie said...

:( I'll be sending healing thoughts for him

Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about Max.The poor cat. Hope he doesn't suffer much and makes a speedy recovery.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for MAx

beadlizard said...

Oh, poor Max. Needles waving!