Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh, no, not you again

Back from a Mothers Day visit to the mater in York.


And as we have been scrabbling about this weekend with one thing and another, not all that much fibre activity and no photographs as yet of what there is.

I was awake again at 2pm spinning, or rather, plying, more of the corrie/silk. Which although a little inconsistent, I think is going to be quite nice. I'm hoping that doing it this way, 500gm will be enough for me to make something wearable, even if it is only a "shawl". I've seen a really pretty pattern in the latest Interweave Knits. Not, I should say, as one of the ones actually in the mag, but in an advert. This issue of Not, I know, one of my usual expressions, but it probably reflects fairly accurately how I feel. The previous one was great, I thought, so I guess one can't win 'em all. I suppose, in their defence, the patterns are nearly all in the new vogue of figure hugging and fitting, and to be totally honest :-), that is exactly what I don't - ever - do. Frightening the horses is terribly bad form, dontcha know.

Speaking of which, I finally finished the Mitford Letters. For me, seriously enjoyable, on a lot of levels. Some of it was like watching a train wreck, some of it almost unbearably poignant. To my amazement, I found myself feeling extreme sympathy for Diana - not what I had expected at all - at the end of her life, with her eyesight going and her hearing gone, and her raison d'etre dead. I am sure many must think I am barmy being so fascinated by a bunch of spoiled, rich, reprehensible gels, but there is rather more to them than that. Not to mention the sharp eye of Deborah noticing an commenting on some of the major figures of their long age; plus the Mitford habit of giving people nicknames, with "Cake" being the Queen Mother (for reasons I have forgotten, but I love the image.)

In more mundane matters, the sitting room is practically cleared after sterling work by both yesterday, ready for the decorators tomorrow. And as I shall be fairly well holed up in here, I hope to get some significant work done on various things, viz:

Needle felting for AH
Finishing the corrie/silk
Sending of the paperwork for Lincoln
Working on other workshop notes
Ditto loads of samples, especially cotton

That little lot should keep me out of mischief. Oh, and I have an order from Amazon to look forward to. Ahem.


Anonymous said...

As a very young woman, I read and absolutely reveled in the Jessica Mitford autobiographical books. I can remember one title- Hons and Rebels?. They affected how I picture English life, although of course I do know they were not the norm.
They were certainly not boring and reflected every far out political viewpoint available. Can you imagine the table talk in their family home!

Anonymous said...

Oh heck I pressed the wrong button and now I am anonymous but you do know me? I am dianna from sk