Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip-trap, trip-trap, over the rickety bridge

No, I am not going to exterminate my batty neighbour. She has actually been fairly quiet recently. I am going on a little Easter trip.

Don't usually do this, except to family, and not even that recently. Hope we don't regret hurling ourselves into the throngs of people travelling by train and boat and plane (pick one) not to mention car, over the holiday. Hope it doesn't pour with rain, or be too cold, either of which is possible. But, hey, what the hell, we shall be off somewhere together, not having to cook or make beds, and there might even be yarn shops involved. What is not to enjoy?

Pictures when I get back.

First I have to find the roll of double pointed needles that I put somewhere safe when we moved everything out of the living room prior to having it decorated. Sigh. I do have some dpns around, but they are the Knitpicks and the Pony pearls, which I don't want to risk losing should airport security get sniffy. I don't anticipate that, but there is always a first time. Oh, they are there somewhere, can't be far away. And just in case we are forced to spend the entire weekend in warm coffee shops with roaring log fires knitting, I do have to have a couple of decent projects with me, don't I?

With a bit of luck, I will finish the orange cotton this evening. I have spent a bit of time on it today, recovering from the three monthly trip to the dentist - oh, nothing wrong, merely a regular appointment, I just don't like it. I always brace myself really hard against the onslaughts of the hygienist - who is perfectly brilliant, gentle and efficient, but none the less is still assaulting me gnashers with a sharp steel hook. And that leaves me feeling knackered and sore and in need of a nice nourishing gin. Anyway, spinning the cotton has been a dream, so much so that I have decided to shift the purple that I was slowly spinning on the charka to the wheel, to then ply to knit with, starting some plain white on the charka as an on-going weaving project. Ha. One day - but, you see, then speed doesn't matter.

So, off tomorrow, with a splendid lunch booked at a favourite but rarely visited restaurant, and then after a couple of days of relaxation, home late on Monday.

Do drop by on Tuesday or Wednesday - you might see something pretty:-)

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