Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bergen and kittens

The latter are taking up nearly all of my time at the moment....but more of them anon. If I don't put up more Bergen photos, I will have lost the moment.

We just went for the weekend, and had not realised that in Norway, everything shuts over Easter. Which was lovely! Enough restaurants open to manage, and on two of the three days, beautiful weather to simply wander around in. It was lovely. Peaceful, and healthy. Well, not the hot chocolate, the pizza one night (after spending more of a small fortune in a very nice restaurant on the first night, so wanting to economise.) No shops open much for spending too much, although I did indulge in a little silver pendant in a traditional sun design.

We arrived very late on Friday evening, effortlessly via the excellent "Flybussen" service. Slept well, spent most of the day wandering around or sitting in the sunshine. Next day, we went as planned up in the funicular to the top of the "mountain". Where lots more snow fell on snow, gorgeous. Then Monday was fine and sunny again, so more walking, drinking coffee or chocolate, having lunch and then back to the airport.

I'm sorry if it doesn't sound all that exciting - it was actually wonderful. Just the sort of trip we like, pottering and observing the locals. Lovely country!

Bergen08 077

Bergen08 026

Bergen08 144

Bergen08 113

This last is one of my favourites - and it really was snowing that much. This beautiful ship was in sight of our hotel, conveniently tucked down past the end of Bryggen.

There are more photos here and there will probably be more later.

So, kittens.....Yes, ok, we are mad. But they really are cute, and we are unrepentant. Have a few chocolate box images.





They are settling in very well, and even better, the big cats are getting a bit more used to them. They have in fact, done brilliantly - they hiss and occasionally growl but only very gently. No-one has been bashed over the nose yet. In fact, Max is scared of them. but Neelix - well, just look.

neelix and ruby!2

He fell asleep on his favourite perch (which I have to admit, is being hijacked by the babies, the little beasts) and Ruby was very clever. She just sort of snuck up and quietly infiltrated herself, and the next thing we knew they were sleeping together for the first time. Which isn't bad for five days acquaintance.

Lest anyone should think I have forgotten entirely about fibre - we taught the first of this years workshops on Saturday. We certainly enjoyed it, and I do believe the Guild did, as well. And it did seem to us that some were positively enjoying spinning cotton by the end, which can't be bad. We do like to corrupt people.......

Right, I'd better go and see what those monsters are doing and tell them to stop it!


Charleen said...

It looks like a lovely trip. Lush greens and a snowy ship. I like the blue spinning wheel too.

Dorothy said...

I enjoyed the workshop and now I'm enjoying spinning cotton at home. A new skill!

I had to look at your blog today 'cos I was sure you'd have some kitten photos! They are beautiful.