Saturday, March 15, 2008


Two different days of gathering together - the AH class, and Guild. Both good, probably in not such different ways! No pictures of my stuff, but pictures none the less.

A big group at AH - seventeen, and a newcomer, male to boot. He was pretty dam' good at grasping the essentials of spinning, too. He was very good at listening - that always helps! I showed him, explained a bit, and he sat there and spun yarn. He was losing it a bit by the end of the day, and wasn't amazingly chuffed when I told him that was a common reaction - you get tired when you spend a few hours doing something new. Why did he want to learn to spin? He's a llamapapa! The day before he had two of them - that morning, he had found that he had three. Here was a man madly in love - it was nice to see.

The rest of them - well, some of them - needle felted like good'uns.


Producing things like this.


I was asked if I had some chip-coloured fibre, but sadly, no.

One of the newer attendees, still rather unsure of herself on the wheel, had done some spindle spinning earlier in her career, and produced this. As they say, wow.


Today was Guild, no speaker or workshop but a bring and buy sale. These are always enjoyed, not least by me, but on this occasion I was very restrained. The only thing that followed me home was some of Freyalynn's fibre that I needed to go with some that I have just spun up for socks. I did it very slightly thicker than I normally use for socks and am not entirely sure that I will have sufficient for the pair. Hence, some that tones.

An here I found another candidate for the spindle spun gallery. A beautiful sweater.

jean's sweater

These days when we woolgather in company are surely good.

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beadlizard said...

That shawl is gorgeous!

The llamapapa was lucky to have you there to teach him. You are worth listening to.