Thursday, March 06, 2008

Expletive deleted

Which at least should make a change.

I just went off and attempted to take a couple of meaningful photographs in the sitting room. With the intention of blogging the zingy new colours on the walls.

This is in itself not an easy thing to do, as the yellow is edging close to green and appears more so the nearer to the blue you are, and that effect is intensified by the blue (pauses for breath.)

Anyway, I get a couple that give the general effect. Upload them to my temp file, remember to set the software to delete from my camera, and then go to save them to the blog file. At least, that is what I intend and what I think I do.

Hum amongst yourselves for a moment.

Lorst and gorn forever, seemingly. Wherever the software moved them to, I can't find them. Search can't find them (this isn't helped by the fact that I have a bout 30 zillion photos named temp blahdeblah.)

I give up. they weren't all that good, anyway.

Figure-toi.....cobalt blue on two walls, an acidy yellow (and it is really yellow, not green) on the other two. Dark blue with a gold figure curtains (against yellow). Carpet, and indeterminate blue-grey - it has been down for nearly twenty years and needs replacing, but we can't do everything at once. Roll on the new (natural) sofa!

It is a relief that the two painters have gone. They are nice guys and incredibly well house-trained, I'm just not good at having people in the house. I am supposed to be spending the afternoon starting to put stuff back, but I am having a few back pain problems at the moment and having cleaned off all the surfaces on the furniture, and vacced up most of the bits on the carpet, I have had enough. It won't take the two of us long to finish at the weekend (I'm out tomorrow, how convenient!)

I have made a couple of inches progress on the shruggy thing, and an inch on the current sock, as well as spinning, so the fibrous side of life has not been neglected. It is all just jogging along.

Now to hope for a sunny, breezy day so I can have all the doors and windows open to blow away the paint fumes!

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beadlizard said...

Your words paint a picture better than a photograph. What does it *feel* like to have such strong contrasts in the wall colors? My guess (as I look at my plain beige walls) is that the colors resonate and hum good tunes (beige mumbles quietly and sops up energy instead of generating it). --Syl