Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where do I start?

Were we walking in our own woods at Easter? (Entirely possible, it did snow I gather.)

Bergen08 093

Nope. Here's a clue....

Bergen08 099

We went back to Bergen for the weekend.


We had a wonderful time, and I will do a full blog entry with more photos - I took a lot, to say the least! But I can't at the moment. I am fully occupied. Not to say, going hairless. And it is all my own fault.

Remember I promised something pretty? Well, I didn't mean photos of Bergen.

May I introduce.....(inset drumroll....)

ruby & barni

Ruby (Tuesday) and Barni (Bear) Or Bishy barney bee. And other silly names will develop. It was supposed to be just Barni, but Ruby was there, and without a new owner as yet, and we have had sibs before........

These are two of the Snowshoe kittens bred by a spinning friend of mine, in fact their posh names are prefixed "Spinning". Thee is just one snag. They are without doubt the baddest kittens I have ever had, and looking after them for the first few days is going to be a full time occupation. They are quite gorgeous, and have lovely natures, but like all young animals, have boundless energy and are very inventive as to where to try to go next. Attempting to climb the stone chimney breast in the sitting room is one adventure, swinging from standard lamps another, and of course, off-ground tag. And this is just their first full day........

So, travelogue and kitten updates as and when.

Wish me luck!


Sara said...

ohmygod! Four Cats? You are truly becoming the crazy cat lady :)

Too cute, I can see why you needed the pair. Let's hope they don't have the *wool eating* gene,


Midsummer night's knitter said...

And I wondering what the two other kitties are going to think...

beadlizard said...

I was looking at two tortie kits in the window at the vet yesterday, wishing... They were total hellions, would turn our lives upside down, but I would bring them home if only M weren't allergic! I envy you your new two and look forward to seeing their antics on your blog. --syl

ra said...

OMG you're going to have your hands full aren't you?