Thursday, July 02, 2009

Now, where was I?

Never mind where - it's HOT. That's all that I care about at the moment. Well, that's not true, but you know what I mean.

My camera seems to have gone walkabout, so any photos that I have of Cumbria and Woolfest will all have to wait and maybe go in to an image-only post at some point.

Where I am is back home in front of the computer, with the fan going full blast, trying to catch up on stuff that has piled up whilst I was away. (We have had enquiries through the website already, which astounded me!)

My week in Cockermouth was great. The DSM went back to Yorkshire bright and early on Monday morning, after a very pleasant weekend, leaving me with Magrat to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood. Actually we were quite good. Monday we went up to the Woolclip in Caldbeck, the wonderful people behind Woolfest. We had a good look around and bought some yarn and fibre. Of course. My first taste of Zwartbles, which is rapidly becoming a three ply sock yarn. Showed her some of the country backa Skidda, and Bass lake.

Tuesday I took her on a trek to Crummock, the Kirkstile for lunch, through Buttermere wih a stop for some of the ice cream they make at the farm (definitely recommended), over Honister and down into Borrowdale, a quick sprint (not) up to the Bowder Stone in the afternoon heat, and then back via the Cat Bells side of Derwentwater. Lovely.

Wednesday, we mooched around Cockermouth and bought shoes.

Thursday, we got our stall set up before the DSM arrived back, which was pleasing.....

Woolfest itself passed in a bit of a blur. The temperatures and humidity were, frankly, brutal. We had a workshop each day, only an hour, but still - and I had a talk to give on Friday not long after the first workshop. All these passed off just fine, to my great relief. We weren't overwhelmingly busy on the stall, but reasonably content with how we did. And, lots and lots of friendly people both expected and unexpected dropped by, including a different former friend from previous occasions, which was a great surprise.

And even more of one was someone coming up to me from out of the audience after my talk, and me recognising her suddenly as another old and dear friend who had crept in at the back to surprise me. I think my shriek must have been heard down at the market! It was such a thrill to see her and to be able to catch up a bit - we plan to do far more than that next year!

It was a super show again, I love it so much. My personal feeling would be that it was a tad quieter than previously, but hopefully that perception is wrong and someone will report increased numbers. We all want Woolfest to go on for years, going from strength to strength.

So, home on Saturday night, a relatively quiet day on Sunday, and then on Monday I drove the two hours back up to Hawes to pick up Nancy Bush. We have been having a blast ever since, with trips to Bettys, Adelaide Walker and the delights of Hebden Bridge, and then tomorrow and Saturday she is teaching two workshops in town. As the weather is due to break, at lest somewhat, that will be better for knitting workshops, and I am looking forward to seeing folks various.

With any luck, my camera will turn up, and I can take lots of shots of happy knitters.

'Tis all go, eh? There's all sorts of work to be done, but I'm caught up with email and bills, so that is something. It's too hot to do much knitting and spinning, but I may just have to go off and make a brew, and have a nice peaceful go.

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Fluzz said...

It was probably quieter because a lot of folks like me were out of cash after UK Rav Day.

Really REALLY looking forward to Satuday, got my lace yarn balled, markers, just need to dig out needles