Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The sea is calmer now!

And very strange it feels.

A little time to recover, and then dive back in to that which needs doing over the next few weeks.

Yesterday, we took Nancy to Manchester Airport, necessitating a v. early start, but there you go. Couldn't push her off on a shuttle, now. It was sad to see her go, we have had a such a good time, but - it looks as if she may be back next year, so that will be great.

The workshops went well. I thoroughly enjoyed working on sock heel treatments and learning all sorts of other tips on Friday.

Nancy Bush teaching

Nancy Bush workshop

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the Saturday class on Estonian lace - I did call in, but hated to disturb them all when they were all working so hard. But I hear enthusiastic reports all round.

I was on kitchen duty, which meant shopping first, and a modicum of tidying up before visitors that evening - which was lovely, rounded off the experience very nicely, as had supper at the Ridge the night before.

I am now feeling, apart from having plenty to do, just a little bit - well, not quite bereft, but there is no doubt that having had a solid two weeks of companionship with very like-minded people, being back to me and my computer feels ..... quiet!

There is nothing better than such companionship. Sunday morning, Nancy and I sat over the coffee cups and croissant crumbs and talked about knitting and spinning, teaching and being taught, students and friends. It was wonderful. And before that, there had been the whole panoply of friends and acquaintances from Woolfest and workshops and trips around and in between. It has brought it home to me how very, very fortunate I am to have such richness in my life, on top of the delight of the actual working with fibre. Who would have thought it, all those years ago before I learned to spin, and just look where that thread has travelled and the ongoing web that it creates!

(Should I apologise for hyperbole? I don't think so!)

So, where now? Not exactly a quiet life of retirement and ease. Friday, I am at Alston, and so very foolishly, I have said that I will introduce them to fibre reactive dyeing - when I scarcely know what I am doing myself, but I have told them that! Then, we stay for the annual weekend, where we are responsible for entertaining people that wish it with spindling. So work and fun mixed - n0thing new there, then.

Other than that, final prep for Summer School and maybe, just maybe, I can get to spin and knit a bit. I am spinning the Zwartbles I got at the Woolclip for a three ply sock yarn, and then I am going to spin the glorious batts I got from Daniela, also at Woolfest.

Daniela's batt

I can see in my mind's eye exactly what I want to do with them - can I manage it?

I have a new sheep in my life, one of Freyalyn's stupendous new hats.

Ruby and the sheep

Someone else likes it, too!

OK, off to soak ramie........

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