Thursday, July 30, 2009

The rain it raineth every day.

That Feste, he knew a thing or two.

Someone has thrown the dimmer switch on the daylight and turned the overhead tap full on. It is dark as dark, and water is pouring in a continuous torrent out of the sky and on to the roof - and everything else, for that matter.

Barbecue summer. That's what they promised us. Not that I trusted that, of course. that's of the same order as a politician saying that he can see the green shoots of recovery. Now, they are going - ahem, well, hum hum, we only said.......

The worst thing is, we were teased. Earlier, the Spring was delicious and the first signs of summer were if anything, too hot. Then - poof! Gone.

Ah, well. It is all part of life's rich (soggy) pattern.

Yesterday, I taught two more people to spin. From complete scratch. They got it. Now, that is satisfying. Another mother and daughter pair. Bonding over spinning. I see this a lot at the moment, all sorts of ages.

I don't - can't - get it. It is not a thing that is in my experience and I cannot relate. Ah, well, we all had a great time, and I think there is a good chance that they will stick with it. They had been given a fleece by a neighbour, generally words to send a shudder through the soul, but this was very nice. Possibly Hebridean? I don't know, but very black, quite fine, clean and in good condition. That is going to be some inducement, methinks.

As for me, I have finished the black/purple/green yarn for the punky fingerless mitts, and started a very quick and dirty spinning up of a hand dyed roving that I got at The Woolclip, one half "S", the other "Z", for a zig-zag scarf. Nothing like leaving class samples to the last minute, eh?

And now I am starting to organise the packing. Lots of different clothes needed, for "being-on-show" and for "bird-watching-in-the-rain" (more than likely).

I am consoling myself with thoughts of crab. Can't go to North Norfolk and not indulge in the local delicacy now, can we?

Other consolations will be the usual piles of books, a beading project or two and of course, knitting and spinning, but those will be with me anyway. And a few trips - especially to the Woad Farm, near Dereham. Of which more later, I hope.

There may be, with a modicum of luck, updates and pictures. That bloody mobile broadband dongle had better work somewhere.


Or perhaps, the weather will be glorious, and I will be walking on beaches with my bare feet kissed by the delicate, twinkling waves of summer seas.

Or not.

Actually, it is my birthday whilst we are in Norfolk and I have vowed to be on a beach even if it is hailing and blowing a gale for some small part of the day. So there.

Bring it on.

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Barbara Blundell said...

Hope you have a lovely time and a happy birthday with glorious sunshine and sparkling sea !