Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend at home

I suppose not strictly accurate, as we were at Guild yesterday. Just an ordinary Guild day, no workshop, but secretly I (almost) prefer those. It is nice to be able to sit and spin and gently chat with friends. I started spinning the yellow toned alpaca top that I bought at The Woolclip last month.

Now, yellow is not a colour I wear, so I am not too sure why I bought it, other than wanting to buy something as I was so impressed with what they have achieved. But it occurred to me that if I have enough, it would make a fine tote bag, and I could drag out my rigid heddle loom when I get back from Lincoln/Norfolk and life calms down a little.

If I write it here, maybe I really will do it!

We called in at Staples on the way home (shivers pleasurably) as we needed to get the folders for our handouts. Easily accomplished, plus some nice divided plastic wallets for putting knitted samples in. The DSM will cut some cards for wrapping yarn samples on, as he did before.

So today, we were inspired to go through the stash to find fibres that will be useful, and to sort out the specially purchased ones. Lots of nice stuff, I wish I was doing this course! The stash is both worse and better than I had feared. Better in that there is not overmuch really good fibre in the queue waiting to be spun, worse in that there are way too many bags of unidentified stuff left over from previous workshops that needs me to be firm with it. It Is Going Out. Binned. My life needs less clutter, economy be damned. Mind you, I do also need to get down to spinning the largeish amount of ok white top that has mysteriously multiplied in there whilst my back has been turned. And then weave blankets.

Whilst all this has been going on, I have had this up on the pc. I have been spending rather too much time glued to this. I have been enraptured by the project from the first moment it was suggested by Antony Gormley, and amazed that London had the vision to allow it to go forward. I haven't seen anything untoward, or even heard of anything. I have seen people knitting - and spinning! And representing things that they are passionate about. And being totally off the wall. Fantastic.

And yes, I have signed up. Even though the odds of being chosen are not at all bad, I have no expectation of it happening. If it does....I shall go, spindle in hand. Despite not liking making an exhibition of myself, or having much head for heights. If it will be at 3am in October, in the teeth of a blizzard. I shall still be there.

Pity it won't happen......

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Barbara Blundell said...

Keep looking for you up aloft waving spindle in the air but so far no joy !