Sunday, July 26, 2009

Could do better

That is probably true of a lot of things, but in this instance, I mean blogging.

It isn't that I haven't been doing anything, but much of it isn't blogworthy and I haven't had too much spare time to blog anyway. Although, when I actually got down to it, I found that I had quite a few things that I could photograph and record.

Many samples.

Crepe yarn

Crepe, or cable, yarn again. this took a while to get right, even though I now know the formula, achieving it is another matter! This was done using the Lendrum jumbo flyer, which therefore also demonstrates the point that you can use your wheel to assist you. The first, soft single was spun on the largest/lowest whorl; the tight ply on the smallest (I could have emphasised the point and changed the head, but that really was too much faff!); the normal ply ditto. A nice sample.


While I had the jumbo head on, a sample of chunky yarn. So much easier to do on a low, low ratio!

Woollen & worsted

These were satisfying to do. The upper yarn is worsted, the lower woollen. Both spun on the same wheel (my Timbertops) from the same Shropshire fleece. Resulting in an obvious difference, I am pleased to say! The worsted sample could have done with a slightly higher degree of plying twist. But acceptable.

Zwartbles 3-ply

This is the Zwartbles that I bought at The Woolclip, spun into a three ply for socks. It came out beautifully (slightly darker in reality than in the photo) and I only wish that they had had more. First time I had spun this fleece, and I am quite impressed. The socks will make an appearance in due course.

Speaking of which....

Stiger tripes

Generic top down socks in Opal Rainforest "Tiger". Nothing at all exciting about them, I simply fell in love with the stripey yarn. They appear here finished in all but - the toes need gathering up and ends need darning in. No Kitchener stitch for me of the pointy feet.

And finally, photograph-wise....


A slightly odd little scarf, knitted in stocking stitch from end to end to show off the yarn that I was really pleased with from a Bonkers bamboo/merino in "Obscure Rainbow." Plus a few added beads. It was a relaxing, mindless knit, as were the socks. Just what I needed.

We are having a fairly relaxing Sunday, knocking off the odd chore, but nothing too strenuous. We were in York yesterday, going via Headingly and the small but perfectly formed new yarn shop Baa Ram Ewe. In no way is that meant to be anything other than highly complementary. Yes, the shop is small, but beautifully laid out, well stocked with interesting yarns and extremely welcoming. I indulged in a little sock yarn and a couple of sets of Knit Pro tiny sock needles, intending to cast on a new pair of generic socks whilst visiting the mater. Unfortunately....that didn't happen. Definitely better to visit in the mornings. Sigh.

OK, a few more odds and ends, and then a little gentle spinning. I want to finish the witchy black and green to take with me next weekend. Should be doable, especially as I don't actually have to wash it before I leave, I can do that later.

Onward and upward!

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