Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Unable to concentrate on very much creative at the moment, I have finally finished off two pairs of socks that have been hanging around with open toes for a good while.


The red is Araucania, the green is - at last! - Jitterbug. It did pool rather, but not to an extent that I felt I couldn't live with it.

And it just seemed sensible to economise on camera work.....

Also finished is the first stage of the setting up of the former small spare room as small work room. The size makes it almost impossible to photograph adequately, not being trained as an estate agent!

new worksroom

The single futon makes for rather a large chair, but at least we do have room for two chairs, so whichever one of us in in residence can be hospitable to the other.

new workroom

I am considering moving beading stuff in there, as it will be then easier to leave work out without dodging around it. Not sure yet. It has to be christened as a sleeping space again, first!

I am still panicking, but not quite as badly. I have been greatly reassured reading around on blogs and on Ravelry to hear that everyone else is doing likewise. (Why do I always think that everything is just me?) I am nearly there. And, great news, the Greensleeves spindles are due to be delivered tomorrow! I can't remember what I asked for, so it will be as always a lovely surprise opening up the box. It is looking increasingly unlikely that the final box of Polwarth will arrive in time, but that really doesn't matter too much. The merino/tencel and merino/bamboo are more popular, and we have plenty of those.

I have been enjoying knitting up the merino/bamboo "Obscure Rainbow" so much that I really think I must snaffle some more. It has been a nice soothing, simpleminded project to have on the needles when I couldn't concentrate on anything else much.

One more photograph - I couldn't resist. I walked in to the bedroom this morning and found this object basking shamelessly in the sunshine, on the clean laundry in the basket no less. He kindly waited for me to go downstairs to fetch the camera, and let me take several shots of His Beautiness.

barni basking

He is a little show-off! But cute.

I should really add a report of World Wide Knit In Public Day last Saturday, but I forgot to take my camera with me. We met in the Piece Hall in Halifax, which made a pleasant gathering spot, but despite the crowds there for some event, not one person that I am aware of came and talked to us. I suppose....that maybe we should consider some sort of banner? Though that does seem a bit - organised. We are talking about having a Picknit later in the summer, so perhaps we could discuss it then.

OK, off to delve into the old (very) natural dye samples for Woolfest. They will be better than nothing. Valley Fibres tonight - it is all go, these days.

ETA: it is pretty unlikely that I will blog again before going off to Cockermouth. But I shall take my laptop, and mayb, just maybe, the mobile broadband will work, in which case - well, you never know! Whatever, if you are going to Woolfest, have a great time, and drop by to say hello, 'k?

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Freyalyn said...

I am much reassured by the general air of panic on the Woolfest Rav list and various blogs - we're not the only ones. I still have three binbags of dyed fibre to package and label beautifully, not to mention about 5 or more kilos of yarn to reskein/measure/weigh and label. I'm burying my head in the sand and pretending I'm being constructive by knitting sheep hats (very gratifying, the interest being shown.)

It'll all be OK on the night, we do know this from experience. So see you a week tomorrow - eeek, need to go home and package...