Monday, June 08, 2009

Alternative universe....

After watching the plays on Saturday, which deal at length with the concept of alternative universes, other worlds - it was an exceedingly strange experience to drop in to one this morning.

Please bear with the necessary opacity, as I relate the bits that I can.

Today I visited a Crown Court. Drove up to the barrier, gave names, and were recognised. (I never deal comfortably with being described as "a lady", but never mind.) We had to park, and wait for a security guard to come and escort us. While we did so, a large prisoner transport drove past, delivering the day's work, no doubt. Up in a lift, and then a long walk along a seemingly endless, and seemingly circular corridor. It was just as if we were being taken round and around to confuse us and prevent us from finding our own way out to reality.

Arrived at Hizonner's Chambers. Yes, really, and with the Robing Room adjacent. But nothing grand. Modern, small, full of tottering piles of papers. Did what had to be done, which in my case was not much. Exquisite courtesy was shown, which was, I suppose, nice.

We had, of course, to be escorted back out, fair enough. I had expected another Security person to be summoned, but not. But the truly disconcerting moment was when, as we approached one of the many doors on the corridor, Hizonner raised a hand, and said "Ah! We are about to pass two heavily (sic) armed police officers, do not be alarmed."

Frankly, I was. They sat at their ease, bearing what I suppose were semi-automatic weapons. I don't think that I ever ever not be alarmed, or get used to that.

Back down in the lift, and into the car quick smart. We fled, back to the peaceful rolling countryside and a very civilized pot of coffee.

A couple of hysterical moments. AS we had neared the building complex, we knew where the car park was from the map provided, and turned down the street that lead to it. Unfortunately, this was one way against us, the Police Station was next door, and every single vehicle, most of them flashing at us, were police cars.


They maybe saw me in the passenger seat frantically flapping a map book and looking suitably aghast. In any event,, we turned round and exited smartly, and were not stopped by any officer of the law.......

But then, I nearly disgraced myself in Judge's Chambers, by being totally puzzled on entry by what appeared to be a miniature child's car seat on the table in front of me. It was only after quite a few moments that I realised that what I was looking at was an upside-down wig.

Grey horsehair.

Fibre content!!

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beadlizard said...

What is alarming about police officers with guns? [honest question -- ours here all carry, do yours not?]

Ah, a wig! Horsehair must be hot and scratchy. Couldn't he get some nice long kid mohair or a hogget fleece?